The Best Belly Band Concealment Holster For You

Hello, I’m Lenny Daniel the master of concealment and today I want to talk about one of our most popular holsters. In the fact, this holster outsells all the others for a lot of reasons one, of course, is the price point but secondarily. Because you can wear it with just about anything in just about any occasion from a swimsuit to a tuxedo everywhere between the belly band holster is one of our most popular holsters.

Belly Band Concealment Holster

Because of the fact that you can wear these wherever you go with just about any clothing you have and conceal a full-size handgun now people always call me up and say well what kind of holster. Should I get you know what kind of I want to conceal? You know I don’t want it to be you know a big belt holster or what should I get you know? And so I always ask them a couple questions and you should always ask yourself the same questions.

What’s your body state style? You know what type of body have you a big guy a thin guy can you carry a gun inside the waistband. Because that is the most effective way to carry a handgun inside the waistband. Which means that the gun itself most of the gun is inside your pants and then a holster like a belly band or another the inside of the waistband holster will actually carry the gun and make sure.

It doesn’t fall through your pants the belly band holster. Let me go ahead and show it to you real quick comes with two pouches for two different style guns of course. It’s velcro. It’s a surgical grade elastic all right the inside of the holster has the tag. So that’s what goes around your body and you’ll see there are two pouches one here and one over here and the passes are different sizes for different style guns.

So let me show you here with a with a Glock. I can put this guy in basically right here and it’s going to carry the gun like so and again like I said the tag goes into your body for right-handed shooters. If you’re left-handed just switch it around tag goes on the outside and then it works as a left-handed holster. That’s how the belly band works it supports the gun the elastic will stretch and the gun.

Tips on using Belly Band Concealment Holster for You

You know will be you also used your belt and waist limp and to capture the gun as an inside the waistband holster. This belly band also features a small pouch for a spare magazine or documents money car key credit cards etc. So it’s a pretty neat little travel pouch as well that you could wear to carry other things with but it’s designed primarily as a handgun holster.

I’m actually wearing a belly band and I have a little mini car with it so when you carry a small gun like this nice and flat nice and easy nice and light. You almost forget you have it on basically just slip it in and I’ve got it in the appendix carry and there’s the carrier right there. You can see nothing up my sleeve but when I want to get to it to it now keep in mind can see what holsters like this and especially inside the waistband holsters are not really speed holsters.

They’re designed to allow you just to carry the gun and forget about it to bury it on your body have it all day long in case you need it. If some bad guys got a gun on me. I’m probably not going to be able to outdraw him. However, if he is distracted and looks away and I can get my hand in there and come out faster. So that’s the idea somehow to be able to distract or know be aware of the danger before it actually happens and sees it coming and be able to get to the gun and come up.

So no matter how you do this and cover it you can see I just have a regular sweater on here. You have a regular t-shirt and certainly, a big coat would cover this as well and that’s the nice thing about it inside the waistband holster. There’s no holster body sticking out below your belt so everywhere you look it’s basically just as you’d normally wear and no one would know especially when you carry a smaller gun.

You can also carry like I said this is a small little car very flat single stack, but you can also carry say Glock 19 very comfortably, of course, the guns are unloaded here. This is our practice session. There’s the xix again now really like you’re going to see it.Unless you’re looking for it. Because of the jacket the sweaters all over the place but when you want it to get to it.

So we’re going to always go ahead and practice our technique keeping the finger outside of the gun until we come up to point the gun downrange. We’re going to go ahead and pull up expose get a grip on the gun at this point. I can actually speed up a little bit and come up and again. If you really watch my fingers off the trigger out of this trigger guard area all the way up till the gun is pointed downrange. You don’t have to be in a hurry on that.

Because that’s just milliseconds to get down there as such alright. I want to make sure you always stress safety when you reholster the gun of course. You got to keep your finger off the trigger make sure everything’s cleared up and you know of course with it inside the waistband holster got to get it situated and get it down where you want. This is the appendix carry and of course the nice thing about the dummy band.

If you want to know more Belly Band Concealment Holster, you can watch the video below to reference:

You can rotate it around and wear it any position you want. You could have the gun on the back it rotates it around on the front you could be on the left side. It’d be all the way anywhere you want, so that’s really one of the key advantages of the Best belly band holster. They’re available in black and white the low cost the fact you can wear it with just about anything and you can carry just about any gun any self-defense handgun will Fitness belly band and you’ll be able to carry it and conceal it and it will provide you with the ability to carry that gun and have it when you need it. I’m Lenny Daniel thanks for reading.

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