Review: BEST BUDGET LED HEADLIGHTS (Low Cost, Great Quality)

So a lot of you and guys on our blog actually all the time can you find some cheaper bulbs. Now, you guys are just starting out you just changing your first LED bulb and that’s perfect fine.


You just want to test out the LED game. You know changing into white lights making it look modern me. I totally understand that you want some cheaper bulbs, but not diminishing quality that much and I totally understand and I think that’s the product right there hey guys going teach. You’re making more videos again and today guys we got another unboxing for you and this has LED headlights on a budget so without further ado. Let’s get to it. Oh so these are our c6 bulbs – this is the Best LED Headlights for all types of car.

You and guys know these are one of my favorite types of bulbs the housing and the court on the court is really short and a housing is just. I just love the housing so high quality housing now if you click in the paragraph above you figure out quickly. That these are actually low price LED bulbs and there’s a reason to that the chip is a different type of chip. I believe the quality still there because the reviews said that it’s pretty good even though the price is low it’s not going to be like one of those expensive chips.

But the quality is still going to be there and the price that’s what you guys want hope this one is an option like. I said this is from the company that time years that and if you click on a link the paragraph above. I’ve done actually LEDs from these guys before so oh yeah so much of the literature is on a betrayer looking at the chip yeah these are some different LED chips. Not bad like I said they’re not bad at all and I love this style this is the style. I love my one my favorites just enclose everything to close in here these are the fan bulbs everything’s enclosure here.

You got your heat sink right here. You got everything metal really solid looking bulb and you have a short cord like this a lot of people like cordless some people like the box the driver me personally. I just tend to like the shorter cord like this you. Immediately, be able to see that these chips bring it really close the chip on this. Bad boy is this chip right here if your front a diode basically structure it still looks awesome. In my opinion, it’s a big center right there. Let me just take out the other one real quick they both look beautiful.

I’m looking at to make sure there’s no imperfections or anything like that and like I said these are my favorite style right here. Now other people have other opinions. I totally understand that it’s your opinion. I’ve been changing out LEDs for a while and I just tend to like the style better and so what I want to do for you guys is find this style cheaper both. But not decrease in quality so hopefully these are it now whenever you click on the link in the paragraph above.

Guys, make sure you’re picking the right size bulb for your specific car obviously. It works with any car out there I still get to till today questions asking are these bulbs only for a Honda Accord. I afford. I have a GMC and they asked me to send me is that links to those type of bulbs and I try to explain to them you just have to click a little egit the paragraph above and pick the right sized bulb and the right size boat will be in the manual online or my favorite place on the bulb itself.

Because you get to actually touch the bulb. You get to see the bulb for yourself and any when you go online. You’re like oh okay that’s how it looks oh this is where you plug it in plug and play you get familiar with it. That’s my favorite place to actually check the books, but manual and or online will get you the right size bulb for your specific car for your specific model so there’s only one thing to do let’s go to my car.



Let’s test it out first we’re gonna check it out on the wall and second we’re going to get on a street and see how they look at night hopefully did it great so without further ado. Let’s get to it alrighty guys by now you already know how this works basically. I already installed the LED bulbs. You can see them right there now installing LED bulbs. It’s really simple and on every single video I gotta explain this basically.

You just you know twist it and pull it out. I’ve done many post on details on this tons plenty of post. I mean like plenty of post and you guys already probably know this I’ve been playing of these post but if I don’t tell you ? You know how to actually and you know remove the balls, which I said it’s a twist and then pull. It is like one of the easiest things. You can do twist pull unplug. That’s it now the plugs right there and everything so don’t have to worry about that ? So like I said it’s a twist and pull now.

I’ve already replaced both of them so without further ado. Let’s go test it on the wall first and then let’s test it outside like I always do so without further ado. Let’s get to it alright guys. I am genuinely surprised at how bright these things actually are and let me turn off my fog lights right here. Because a lot of people want to make sure you know my following star off so here you go.

I’m actually quite surprised how bright these things are already honestly don’t see that that much so the difference in terms of how bright these are so if you’re looking for like a budget one these might be a good option guys. I have to say especially if you’re starting out you don’t want to spend like a hundred bucks on LED headlights get these things. They’re definitely going to work out for you and as you can see they’re pure white the color is just beautiful white color you can see my hand and look at look at just look at that beautiful beauty.

So like I said I have to say these are some great budget LED bulbs already. I’m liking them let’s take it on a road and let’s see how they look holy crap guys. I am genuinely surprised at how bright these things actually are these are really bright and right now. I don’t even have my fog lights on and normally. I have my fog lights on in the beginning but you know I just want to show you that.

I have my fog lights off right here and then now these things are generally invitin look at how when I turn on my fog lights. They’re just going to get a lot brighter look at that. That is just beautiful man. I am surprised honestly these things are definitely on a budget, but they are still bright guys you can you can clearly see it just you know on the budget bulbs definitely bright like I said I would recommend these.

If you’re trying to change out your headlights on a budget Geysers testing amount. I’m just you know moving to LEDs and not spend too much money. I definitely totally agree with you and I understand where you’re coming from and these are on the budget as you can see guys. It’s doing a great job of attacking this entire area. I was like I said I’m seriously genuinely surprised and also doing a great job has a nice starting part right there going this way and then that way and then you know fog lights are getting all this area right here now.

A lot of people also ask me can I use these bulbs in my fog lights and the answer is absolutely. You can however me in my opinion I just don’t use fan bulbs in my fog lights and the reason for that is just it’s just my thing. I just don’t like you know a fan down here and a fan up there and a fan down here. You know I don’t want dirt and stuff getting in it that’s just my opinion .

However, people ask me all the time and of course you can use sand up here you can you stand down there. you know you can get these bulbs in the link is going to be in the paragraph above. You can get these folks for both up there and down here and they’re just going to brighten up your entire night guys beautiful bulbs like I said they are absolutely beautiful and people also ask me are my high beams are no they’re not.

They’re eye beams are right here. They’re off. I show you my high fees they’re going to be extremely bright and look at that all the links are in the paragraph above. Guys make sure you go check it out these bulbs are awesome definitely low cost, but still great quality and great performance. That’s what I want to see yeah that’s what I like that’s the best outcome. You know you have your low cost and great quality.

I’m loving these things guys. I really am and I would recommend this to anyone, who are starting out in LEDs. Wanna you know change out of your bulbs ? I would go for these guys they’re definitely on a budget and there’s still high-quality loving them and I know you will love it all right you guys this articles hope you guys enjoyed it Lisa purchases bad boys in the paragraph above like I said they are in the paragraph above.

I think some people don’t understand, what I’m trying to say other links are literally paragraph above you just click on it pick the right size bulb and you’re on your way these will definitely exceeded my expectations. They are low price, but yes that quality is still there are the brightness and so there amuse yourself sorry seeing is believing honestly so yeah. If you’re just getting into the LED market.

Also, if you are interested in the many best led headlights products for your car, watch the video below for reference.

You’re just getting to the LED game changing your headlights. You want to test out LEDs and see if they work for you and you don’t want to spend too much money these are it guys these are it C six bulbs links are in the paragraph above surprising. I’m loving it and I know you will love it there should be a follow and share  right here.

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