How Automotive Technology is Important in the Car Battery Charger

We are living in the modern age which means that everything will be discussed on technologies. Yes, welcome to the fourth technology revolution.

Technology happens everywhere in our lives from tiny things to larger issue – artificial intelligence.

For people said that they do not need technology will live in a backward time sooner or later. They look like gorillas get loss in the modern life!

I am not kidding on this issue because technology plays a key role in human’s lives. With the car battery charger, automotive technology is also a crucial part. Thus, you should pay attention this point in the best car battery charger for your reference as early as you can.

About the electrical power

Electrical batteries are storage containers which keeping an electrical charge. Then, it can discharge in a load.

Some batteries are able to generate an electrical current from its base boxes as soon as they are collected. These batteries are also called primary batteries. They are particularly disposed of when the charge has been drained.

In addition, car batteries enable to fit in a different type of the electrical battery which could be charged, discharged, and recharged again. The secondary batteries use a capricious chemical reaction which differs from a rechargeable battery to another.

Most of the people buy the AA or AAA batteries in a local shop and put these into their remote control. Then, they throw away when these primary batteries are dead. The second batteries are gathered and recycled from zinc-carbon, zinc, dioxide cells. They enable to provide current without being charged and recharged.

Car batteries often use lead and sulfuric acid without getting nickel oxy hydroxide and hydrogen as well.

These are similar to NiMH batteries in its functions. When an electrical current is implemented to the battery, a chemical reaction happens and an electrical charge is held. When a load is linked to batteries will make a reaction reverse. At the same time, a current is given to the load.

Keep power with lead and acid

The first lead-acid battery was made in the 1850s to keep an electrical charge. The battery in a vehicle uses the similar standard principles. The designs and materials have developed over several decades. The basic idea still continues to evolve.

In general, a lead-acid battery is discharged; the electrolyte has a weak solution of sulfuric acid. It has more H20 with some H2SO4 losing. The lead plates soak up the sulfuric acid and become a primary lead sulfate.

If an electrical current is utilized to the battery, this process moves backward. The lead sulfate plates come back the lead. The diluted solution of sulfuric acid plays a key part in the process.

This is not an effective way to keep electrical power for a while as compared to heavy and large cells of the energy.

Lead-acid batteries are still used in modern lives because of the 2 reasons. The first one is an affordable point. Lead-acid batteries are less expensive for both producers and manufacturers. The second one is giving great amounts of current at the same time which makes them ideal using all starting batteries.

The differences between electric car batteries and other EVs

To help you have a better understanding, I divide into 2 main groups like specific examples.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

These have an electric motor and a traditional energy like gasoline and diesel. They improve the total driving range but they have lower than other electric-range batteries. Old hybrids could not be plugged in are electric vehicles.

Fuel cell electric vehicles

Fuel cell electric vehicles can start when these change hydrogen gas to electricity like an electric motor and battery. They are a new technology in passenger vehicles that you can see in these days. These are newer with substantial carbon to play like other electric vehicles.

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Understand how an electric car battery work

Owning a car is an amazing thing because it helps you come to the place you want to (of course in shorter roads than from countries to other countries with tons of miles) visit. They also support our lives get easier when finding a school, a local shop, a hypermarket, etc. However, cars also have some downfalls behind.

Two main of these downsides are adding more pollution to the environment and costing many bucks on our budgets. The latter is simple to solve as you should consider your available financial ability. Nonetheless, the first issue is a bit difficult to find the solution. Several large technology enterprises often look for answers. Then, they develop the electric car battery and the electric vehicles.

Unlike traditional cars, a battery is the heart of an electric car. It can start to use other things in your car such as open a radio system, an air conditioner system, a minibar on your car, etc.

To add fuel to your vehicle, you just need to find the right places to charge the battery like you putting gasoline or oil in conventional cars only. The speed is so fabulous (around 80 miles per day) when driving and you do not produce carbon to the air. This is the future vehicles in our lives!

Porter Cable C2002-WK: I Got an Good Air Compressor

Hello Everybody! Welcome to my blog, I’m Lucy. Yesterday, I went and bought myself a new toy. There’s like three things that I really want for around the house here an air compressor, a wood chipper, and a leaf blower and I went and bought.

The first of those things I went to and here’s what I picked up got myself an air compressor. This is a porter cable I think this is 6 gallons and this was 135 bucks. This is a really highly air compressor reviews on Amazon and I think I got a pretty good deal for it all. I was really looking to use it for was to blow out the leaves for my tractor like I kind of take you in here and show you what I’m talking about like?

Overview about Porter Cable C2002-WK

It’d be kind of nice to get rid of all that stuff. That’s under there and just like all the random junk that kind of gets on this every time you. I’d like to be able to blow that off and also my four wheeler here which I haven’t had out for the year yet. It’s got flat tires and stuff on it and this thing’s tires are kind of flat. So be kind of nice to have something that could blow those up a little bit and help me out and I think this thing will be perfect.

It’s probably actually a little bit overkill. I needed six gallons one for that but it’s such a good deal. Because it comes with as you can see down here 13 piece accessory kit included which is pretty sweet. It’ll have all the stuff that I need to do this and I haven’t actually opened this thing up yet. So if you I’ll do that here on post and we’ll see what’s inside here’s everything out of the box as you can see it wasn’t too much in there got the main component here. Which is the air compressor itself?

There’s my dog and here is the court that goes with that and you’re gonna plug that in and then here are all the parts of course made in China like everything else and little doohickeys are in there that. I can use for this. I don’t have much experience and using an air compressor. So I’m gonna have to absolutely use this, which is the instruction manual which comes in a variety of languages.

I’ll probably use the English version and so I’m going to fire this thing up and well. I actually do some reading. First I suppose so I don’t mess it up and I figure out what I need to do to pump my tires up and blow the leaves off. That’s gonna be pretty awesome. That’s everything that came in there and I guess next we’ll see how I can use this thing dude. This is a freaking manual holy crap look at this-this thing is just going on.

I haven’t actually read it yet I just unfolded it but I was a little overwhelmed. I guess there are some photos to go off the pictures. But I might have to actually do some reading here I did read online the important thing. You want to run this thing for 15 minutes with the valve open letting all the air out just as a warmup period. That’s what one guy said on Amazon where other people said that’s not required but I’m going to do it.

The way that I use air compressor

Because I really don’t have anything to lose and I spend a hundred thirty-five bucks on this. So I really don’t want to damage it. That’s what I’m going to do first alright. I got that thing all done warming up it ran for 15 minutes and the air is just coming out of it right now the meantime while I was playing around with these things here. This is probably what I’m going to want to use for spraying off the mower to get all the dirt and stuff off of it so all these elements kind of go together they all go into this.

I figured out that this is the main adapter that I’m going to use basically this is going to go into the back section here like this trying to do it one-handed. That’ll go in there like so of course. It’s not easy to do here threading this in so there it is and then. I’m gonna plug that into there and then this becomes my sprayer and I’m like that what is that? She’s gonna be freaking out when I do this give me a scaredy-dog video, isn’t it?

This is obviously for pumping up the tires which I’m definitely going to be using bro come on and then this is what I would use for a basketball pump. I suppose then there’s a bunch of other little doodads here all to figure out what these are for it doesn’t really say in the manual here. You think in this whole big thing half of this is just warnings on operating it. I guess so they don’t get sued by people which probably is pretty reasonable.

So I’m going to probably be using this with that adapter in there and plugging it in here. So the next operation I have is going to be to start this beast up. If you’ve read any of my post in the past this thing is a mother to get started especially efforts at since probably October. I’m going to try to get this thing started and at least move it out I need to get it from here outside. Because I don’t want to blow all this stuff around in here.

Even though it’s a good bit of a mess in here as it is I mean you look at the woodworking and crap that we were doing building this trailer. It’s a bit of a mess anyway so I’m going to try to get it out of here wish me luck we go. So you push the clutch in pull the choke out. I do the three flicks for good luck. We keep trying that get some choke point I just keep doing that I don’t know if does anything or not but try to jumpstart the battery sometimes that works.

I don’t know that’s gonna do me any good. We’ll give it a shot here all right. I got the battery hooked up to see if that does anything fairly new batteries so it should work. I’m pretty sure there’s a nest of some sorts inside this thing  I started up all this crap flu and this is what happened last year frickin something made a Nestle right inside there. Which is probably what the case is?

You smell nest in there what is that mice. It’s our mouse in there. I’m gonna have to really blow this thing out that’s another reason that this thing’s gonna be really nice to have is to make sure I don’t catch my freakin tractor on fire when I go to use it okay here we go. I’ll show you the rig that I’ve set up here. I got the hose plugged in I got the thing on the end like I was showing you a little bit earlier that I’ll just be able to spray this hopefully not that.

I’m really sure of so I’m going to turn this on and hope for the best let’s give it a shot you know this thing is not strong enough to take all these leaves out. I’m gonna have to go in here myself and pull them all out of it that’s what I’m going to do now then we’ll blow this thing out really nice and I think I’m gonna try to take this cover off as well to see what may be hiding inside there. We go take a look at this that’s a mouse nest in their little jerk.

That’s like completely packed in there. You were right this is so bad like this is just packed in here all this Mouse debris and grass and junk in there. It’s like a yearly ritual sighs fair for it but it sucks nonetheless to have to dig all this out of here well. I’m gonna wrap this post up here. It’s starting to get dark out. I found the hugest mouse nest in here and I’m starting to take this thing all apart and hopefully get that all cleared out.

If you want to know more Porter Cable C2002-WK, you can watch the video below to reference:

Before I start mowing which is coming up pretty soon. This grass is getting pretty long out here so this is the end of the post. I really love the air compressor worked out really well. Unfortunately, I found a bigger problem inside my mower than what I anticipated I was actually going to start mowing tonight but that’s going to be put off. I’m going to finish this up here hopefully tonight and put them over away and I’ll have an update for you here soon but again recommend the air compressor really nice the porter-cable definitely something. Goodbye!

How to find the best brush for Husky?

Husky is a great animal and a lovely friend to have in your life. They got adorable qualities and generally a low maintenance pet which makes them adaptable to different environments. However, besides these admirable characteristics, there are several issues that you need to take care of when it comes to raising a Husky. One of them would be its shedding tendency that can easily litter the entire house with dog hair. But if you can get the best brush for Husky and frequently brush your dog, the hair problem can be minimized.

Shedding happens to every breed of dog and husky is not an exception here. If you just recently adopt a Husky, you probably feel surprised about the large amount of hair trailing behind your dog. Well, nothing good will comes if you just stand there and keep asking yourself how come your Husky can shed that much hair. It’s time to stand up and find an effective and long-lasting solution. And if that is what you need, this article will be useful to you. You shall learn how to pick the best brush around for your Husky right here right now.

For most of the time, you are going to need more than one brushing tool to properly brush your Husky. It’s vital that you pick the right ones and combine them together efficiently. A wrong choice can potentially damage the husky dog hair and skin which will make everything even more complicated than before. In the case that you have no idea where to start, right below are some hints that you can use to pick a good brushing set.  Take a look at them and compare to what your own situation before deciding on what you need?

Tips and tricks on picking a proper brush set


  • The best tool for the undercoat: The undercoat rake


As you may already know, the husky got several layers of hair that require a specialized to reach and brush. This is where the undercoat rake comes in with its ability to reach deep into the hair layers. It’s is a bit sharp though so make sure that you use it gently and slowly so as not to hurt your dog. Brushing your husky with the undercoat rake will remove both the hair and the dead skin so you can achieve a lot with this tool alone. It’s rather cheap so you can afford it which is a rather great investment considering its benefit it offers to you.

Matting and tangling hair are the common issues of the Husky hair which if let unsolved can be potentially harmful to your dog. A practical undercoat rake must be able to deal with these problems with its blades. If you are unsure that your Husky can handle the regular version, go with a soft-edged undercoat rake. This type of rake is more comfortable to use and you can gauge your dog reaction to brushing easier. But if you are already experienced at brushing, you can step up the rake blade hardness a little bit for increased effectiveness.


  • Something for the overcoat: Grooming Glove


Use in conjunction with the undercoat rake, the grooming glove is a quick and comfortable way to deal with the Husky overcoat. The nuts and pins inside the glove palm will take care of the shedding hair and give your dog a massage as well. It’s a good alternative if your Husky responds negatively to the usual overcoat brush. This is because the glove makes them feel that they are being petted by you. Therefore, brushing with the grooming glove will be a fast and uneventful process.  You can even use the glove to give your Husky a bath too.


  • The brush to use for awkward places and a nice finish: Slicker brush


Certain spots on the Husky make it hard to brush them completely and one of them is the tail.  A good slicker brush can deal with the tail relatively easy and make a nice finish. It’s also gentle enough to be used comfortably on dogs with sensitive skin. You will see that brushing your Husky with a slicker brush will result in a lovely hair arrangement for the dog. This type of brush is fairly common on the market so you will have a wide range of product to choose from. Remember to hold them in your hand first to see if you have a tight grip on the handle.


  • A contingency plan: Comb


After running the Husky hair with the undercoat rake, grooming glove and the slicker brush, chances are you may have missed something. That is why having a comb to re-brush the Husky hair section by section is an excellent idea. While it may take more time, brushing with a comb ensure that any remaining mats, debris or hairs will be removed. Consider the comb as a necessary precaution that you should get for a perfect brushing session. The recommended comb material is stainless steel but as long as the comb teeth are effective, anything will do.


  • De-shedding tool? Not really


Shedding is said to reduce up to 90% with a de-shedding tool. But if you are not experienced, the tool may bring undesirable results. You won’t brush out the hair with a de-shedding, you cut them off. It will surely remove a lot of hair but the Husky coat then looks rather dull and choppy. The Husky hair when regrowth will become stiffer and drier compared to the original soft coat. The skin of your dog can sometimes get irritated by such a tool too.


And that is pretty much all you should know how to pick the best brush for Husky. Not too hard to take in, right? In warm temperatures, Husky will shed non stop and that may engulf the house with dog hair. But if you just keep brushing the dog with suitable brushing tools, you can substantially reduce the amount of shedding hair. Just you follow the tips and tricks above then you can own the best brushing set for your Husky.


The Best Belly Band Concealment Holster For You

Hello, I’m Lenny Daniel the master of concealment and today I want to talk about one of our most popular holsters. In the fact, this holster outsells all the others for a lot of reasons one, of course, is the price point but secondarily. Because you can wear it with just about anything in just about any occasion from a swimsuit to a tuxedo everywhere between the belly band holster is one of our most popular holsters.

Belly Band Concealment Holster

Because of the fact that you can wear these wherever you go with just about any clothing you have and conceal a full-size handgun now people always call me up and say well what kind of holster. Should I get you know what kind of I want to conceal? You know I don’t want it to be you know a big belt holster or what should I get you know? And so I always ask them a couple questions and you should always ask yourself the same questions.

What’s your body state style? You know what type of body have you a big guy a thin guy can you carry a gun inside the waistband. Because that is the most effective way to carry a handgun inside the waistband. Which means that the gun itself most of the gun is inside your pants and then a holster like a belly band or another the inside of the waistband holster will actually carry the gun and make sure.

It doesn’t fall through your pants the belly band holster. Let me go ahead and show it to you real quick comes with two pouches for two different style guns of course. It’s velcro. It’s a surgical grade elastic all right the inside of the holster has the tag. So that’s what goes around your body and you’ll see there are two pouches one here and one over here and the passes are different sizes for different style guns.

So let me show you here with a with a Glock. I can put this guy in basically right here and it’s going to carry the gun like so and again like I said the tag goes into your body for right-handed shooters. If you’re left-handed just switch it around tag goes on the outside and then it works as a left-handed holster. That’s how the belly band works it supports the gun the elastic will stretch and the gun.

Tips on using Belly Band Concealment Holster for You

You know will be you also used your belt and waist limp and to capture the gun as an inside the waistband holster. This belly band also features a small pouch for a spare magazine or documents money car key credit cards etc. So it’s a pretty neat little travel pouch as well that you could wear to carry other things with but it’s designed primarily as a handgun holster.

I’m actually wearing a belly band and I have a little mini car with it so when you carry a small gun like this nice and flat nice and easy nice and light. You almost forget you have it on basically just slip it in and I’ve got it in the appendix carry and there’s the carrier right there. You can see nothing up my sleeve but when I want to get to it to it now keep in mind can see what holsters like this and especially inside the waistband holsters are not really speed holsters.

They’re designed to allow you just to carry the gun and forget about it to bury it on your body have it all day long in case you need it. If some bad guys got a gun on me. I’m probably not going to be able to outdraw him. However, if he is distracted and looks away and I can get my hand in there and come out faster. So that’s the idea somehow to be able to distract or know be aware of the danger before it actually happens and sees it coming and be able to get to the gun and come up.

So no matter how you do this and cover it you can see I just have a regular sweater on here. You have a regular t-shirt and certainly, a big coat would cover this as well and that’s the nice thing about it inside the waistband holster. There’s no holster body sticking out below your belt so everywhere you look it’s basically just as you’d normally wear and no one would know especially when you carry a smaller gun.

You can also carry like I said this is a small little car very flat single stack, but you can also carry say Glock 19 very comfortably, of course, the guns are unloaded here. This is our practice session. There’s the xix again now really like you’re going to see it.Unless you’re looking for it. Because of the jacket the sweaters all over the place but when you want it to get to it.

So we’re going to always go ahead and practice our technique keeping the finger outside of the gun until we come up to point the gun downrange. We’re going to go ahead and pull up expose get a grip on the gun at this point. I can actually speed up a little bit and come up and again. If you really watch my fingers off the trigger out of this trigger guard area all the way up till the gun is pointed downrange. You don’t have to be in a hurry on that.

Because that’s just milliseconds to get down there as such alright. I want to make sure you always stress safety when you reholster the gun of course. You got to keep your finger off the trigger make sure everything’s cleared up and you know of course with it inside the waistband holster got to get it situated and get it down where you want. This is the appendix carry and of course the nice thing about the dummy band.

If you want to know more Belly Band Concealment Holster, you can watch the video below to reference:

You can rotate it around and wear it any position you want. You could have the gun on the back it rotates it around on the front you could be on the left side. It’d be all the way anywhere you want, so that’s really one of the key advantages of the Best belly band holster. They’re available in black and white the low cost the fact you can wear it with just about anything and you can carry just about any gun any self-defense handgun will Fitness belly band and you’ll be able to carry it and conceal it and it will provide you with the ability to carry that gun and have it when you need it. I’m Lenny Daniel thanks for reading.

Andrew Review: DECONSTRUCTING Thorogood 804-4210

Hello, everybody! It’s Andrew and today in the boot camp. We’re gonna be doing another deconstruction post this time. We’re gonna be cutting up Hart a pair of throw goats 804 42 tens which is the wedge sole waterproof with the Kanto boot mainly. What I want to do is? I want to show you a waterproof liner and a comp to what all that stuff looks like. I always talk about it. I always tell you how important these two items are when they’re built into a boot. So  I got a test subject. I want to cut it apart show it to you so let’s begin.

Check quality Thorogood 804-4210

All right so inside this boot is a pair of Thorogood wedge soles NATO 442 tens. Now I just want to thank my book in Israel for donating his old boots to this cause of deconstruction on the boot guy. He replaced his boots gave me a call said: “hey you want the old one so they cut them apart how could”.  I say no Israel thanks to a lot buddy so we have some basic simple tools nothing crazy going on here.

I’m just cutting these things apart Leatherman – Exacto knives one’s got a broken tip and is a little dull one is a brand new blade sometimes. I find a little dull exacto knife does a really good job when cutting certain materials and a pair of tailoring shears a nice old pair of shears really sharp. I got my camera along the way so I can take some detailed photos of what’s going on when I’m there.

Because sometimes the post doesn’t transmit everything. That I’m seeing in this environment. So let’s cut them up. We’re going to start with the right boot and make this real simple and cut right into here. It’s working Nancy kind of where a nice dull wait does a little bit better sometimes. I know people say dull blades are not a good thing but in certain situations having a blade.

That’s a little bit duller than normal works well there we go so first cut completely exposes the comp toe and its plastic. It’s fiberglass. Let’s take a photo of that for you and you can see just what we’re looking at. All right, let’s keep moving Leatherman in peel that back. Now the mist the misnomer about comp is the steel toe is that steel toes get really cold in the wintertime and that’s everybody’s complaint and my science behind.

That I mean what the science tells us about steel the comp is that a hard material is going to not play nice with cold weather ever. So if you’ve got steel or if you’ve got a comp. You’ve got something hard in there if your boots don’t fit right. It is going to be completely cold. I mean if you’re too close to your account with steel toe and it’s freezing cold outside. You know below 10 degrees.

You’re gonna get cold no matter what all right so I would really like to be able to cut this off and show you just how the liner goes in and already Drew’s dick. He’ll actually, he cracked the heel quarter. So I’m not cutting through the dough quarter he. He’s cracked that joker wondering what Israel does why his boots at five months old look like this. He’s on a deep tunneling project here in the city where he’s cut with deep underground holes underneath.

The whole city in order for water movement. I believe getting water to go from one place to the next so flooding doesn’t happen certain parts of the city. They’re so old that things still flood. So let’s get this alright so there we go. That’s the waterproof liner. Let’s get a photo of that put a heel counter for you right there that shows off what’s going on back there really nicely.

What are the benefits of the Thorogood 804-4210?

So lets I’ll show you just behold booty. So let’s take out its honey cut away this whole section up here through here these scissors be cut through this leather hope you can? If we’re good cutting through boy weights reduce your pieces of leather come together. This is pretty damn tough stuff. Now I realize cutting through this leather pretty easily. But has nothing to do with me with a quality of the leather just has to do with the condition of the boots.

I mean these boots are pretty well worn it isn’t like. They’re brand new or anything makes you really wore the crap out of these boots. So that frees up that and you cut away the tongue Superliner completely and sections. Now I can cut it away. They’ve removed all right so there’s upper and there’s the waterproof bag in the sympathetic liner so just like. I always talk about, now there’s this it’s a waterproof bag built into the boot where it is so it’s that full sock baggie that keeps you dry this whole thing.

It’s like an extra piece .I’m putting on a platinum a plastic bag inside your boot just for layman’s terms for just trying to describe this on how it works. But it’s much more advanced than that I mean it’s waterproof. It’s a high-tech material that allows moisture to leave from one direction but doesn’t allow to come back and in the other direction. It’s a beautiful thing and there’s the upper and like I said he cracked the crap out of the heel counter.

So let’s take a take a photo of the heel counter so you can see. I like to crack the crap out of that let’s get some light in there. He did a really good job on the food together he kind of me. I mean the guy did a really nice job. Let’s get this cocktail out of there this is the next thing. So there’s a fiberglass Tom toe and as you can see so a weight issue people always talk about which canto is so much lighter than steel tow.

They’re the same way I mean there’s no way with your physical hands. I mean this canto actually probably weighed more than my Leatherman. I mean these two objects you know this is a lot of metal and this is a lot of fiberglasses the nice and thick fiberglass is and the good thing. I can say is by looking at this I can tell that he never fractured it. He never dropped anything really heavy on his foot.

Let’s go a little bit deeper into the boot. Let’s see what we can see inside this boot look at that bag look at the way. That’s just torn it apart you see the cork inside there. There’s the shank, let’s take another photo on that sole. So you can see the cork and everything inside their look at that. That’s all the cork that they put in there to add to the comfort and adds the sizing and taters to shank fiberglass and shank as it should be comp toes should be a fiberglass shank.

How much deeper do we want to go? I don’t think I can cut soul apart but it is cracking apart pretty good dad. You can tell if you wore that sold out really really right that thing chipped apart in the front there enough. There’s not the month to the welt five months aware. I’m a pair of boots, so that’s pretty much it. That’s the deconstruction 804 42:10 and it is the most comfortable boots for men. That’s a waterproof baggy, the waterproof liner.

That’s the leather upper beautiful construction. That’s where it’s always beautiful construction whenever you can get inside one of the uppers and just look at the way to put it together the overlaps of material to stitch. How they actually got a lot of material? That’s overlap, so there’s no chance of this happening of it splitting apart really and a hardware is still attached and here’s something.

If you want more information about Thorogood 804-4210, you can wath the video below to reference :

I gotta take off should I show this to you. He so is real ties his boots so tight that he actually wore away the hardware in spots take a look at that pretty amazing. Thanks a lot for reading and please don’t forget to hit share below. Because it really helps out and if you’re interested in seeing more of these deconstruction post please comment below. Let me know that you liked it and if you got some suggestions on types of boots.

You want to see me tear apart what put it down there let’s see what happens and see if I can score a pair of those boots nice and worn and new so they’re easier to cut apart don’t really want to cut apart new boots? Because new boots could really make a guy some money and boots are there too they’re tools. They’re gonna make you money alright until next time. I’m the boot guy – Andrew thanks a lot for reading.

Orthotics and Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis : How to Choose Them !

Hello Everybody ! So today, I’m going to be going over how to choose one of these orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

Why use orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

So the first thing that I’m going to tell you is how it actually works and why we’re using it ? So we have the arch support in everywhere thought a car in Seoul and what this does is ? There’s a couple bones inside your foot that. If you lift them up ever so slightly. It causes the bones in the foot to be more stable and also used less forced to keep the integrity of the arch and to keep everything together.

So once you make all the bones and joints more stable from supporting just a couple of the bones. The player fossa doesn’t have nearly as much attention so that means the less stress. So that means less pain that doesn’t mean that orthotics and insoles are adhere although. Because they’re really great when your plan Fox is extremely weak especially from degeneration.

But it doesn’t mean that you should depend on an orthotic or insole to fix your pain. I’m usually orthotics and soles will make your feet a lot more weaker. Because your feet don’t have to work nearly as hard to support the arch and so what we want to do is ? That we want to support the arch for a little while temporarily so that your foot can. So that you can fix a little perpetuating factors of your plantar fasciitis then slowly over time after your pain has disappeared.

You want to go to a less and less supportive orthotic or insole and also shoe. You don’t want to wear supportive shoes for the rest of your life you want to slowly have less and less supportive shoes um an orthotic is usually a heel cup kind of thing or this is called a 3/4 orthotic or insole and some of them are full-length some are even smaller than this and they cut off like half right here.

But all of them have in common is just the arch support our support is the number one thing that makes all these things work some of the arch supports are more in the back or posterior and some are more for the whole arch of the foot. You do not want to have too much arch support when you have plantar fasciitis. Because it can cause other issues too so make sure that you try many many insolence orthotics find what works for you.

Because everybody’s foot is very different over time our bones the the collagen matrix inside the bones and the ligaments to joint capsule to everything. You know adapts to your lifestyle and over years and years your foot bones. You know find themselves where they need to be um today I also want to talk about though with orthotics is that ? It’s very important that with an orthotic you have a shoe with a good wide toe box the reason why I’m saying this is ?

Because there’s not just one arch in the foot there’s the medial arch which is the inside arch. That’s a big arch that you see like on the inside of your foot and then there’s the lateral arch. The lateral arch isn’t that big of a deal and it doesn’t mean nearly as much support. Because usually the smaller than you make things the more stronger. They get so the tram the lateral arch isn’t bad on needing to be supportive.

But there’s one arches very crucial and then to know about that people don’t really talk about and that’s the transverse arch. That’s the arch that goes across the foot bones and right. Here’s a good depiction of it so we have the foot and it’s team from the front and you’ve got the big toe and then the little tiny toes and so it makes an arch like this and so every time. You step every time you step now that little arch spreads out every single time.

How to choose orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

So if you wear a shoe that has a small toe box right your foot is gonna hold together like this and then it’s gonna take that pounding force and it’s gonna hurt all the bones to join capsules everything else and we don’t really want that. We want the toes to expand every time. You step we wanted to go we wanted to splay out every time that you take a step that’s very important.

It’s not um even if you have plantar fasciitis. It’s not just about strengthening the areas and so on and so forth. It’s about getting a good nutrient and waste exchange and every time your toes splay out the muscles on the sides of the foot on the bottom all start working like crazy to you know support the foot how it should be and  that’s more efficient and also every time.

It’s plays out you get nutrient um in and then waste out and that’s really crucial. Because the foots so far away from the heart and so a really big thing that we have with with the flip is not having enough nutrients and waste exchange in an L. If you have any swelling of the foot for instance any kind of venous insufficiency problems . That’s gonna really hinder your healing down there.

That’s why the plantar fasciitis usually you’ll see other disorders going along with it whether. It being neurovascular or lots of pain syndromes lots of bone issues lots of other stuff and so we want to get. You know nutrients in waste out so back to choosing their overthought occur in Seoul. I always get off track.

But  there’s another thing to keep in mind so what I’ve said so far is make sure you have a white toolbox ? So that the transverse arch can you know move freely and then the medial arch. We want you know ? You don’t want too big too small you want round and did a bunch of different orthotics and see which arch support works for you on each orthotic or insole some people like an arch in the back.

Some people like it in the front and some people like a long progressive ones some people like a smaller one. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of them have a cup in the back ?  What this does is it keeps the fat pad squeezed together and that is alright in some ways ? Because it lessens the impact on the plantar fascial the player posture doesn’t actually feel too much pain.

What happens is drying tissues start giving off chemicals and those chemicals sensitize the nerve cells around the plantar fascia ? So in the surrounding tissues around the plant fossa and so when you touch your foot on the floor it hurts really bad. But it’s not so much the planache. That’s causing that pain. It’s the surrounding tissues and the sensitive nerve fibers and also the mechanical receptors.

Those are the things that tell you how far something is stretching. They all tell you ouch that hurts so the reason a heel cup makes you feel less pain. Because it puts two pushes that fat pad together and it makes. It so there’s more cushioning right underneath the plan Fox aware the surrounding tissues are they cause you to feel pain ? So what we the thing about that is though is it doesn’t so much cause your bones or joints to be in more stable positions all.

It does really is reduce the pain and that’s really gonna fix. You know you’re perpetuating problems factors that cause your client basha. Clara fish is also having a very rigid orthotic very very important if your shoes are very rigid in the back then you can have a slightly soft orthotic also your shoes and your orthotic have to bend at the toast your toes have to be moving.

We have to splay out wide you have to be able to move like this your big toe has to be able to move. If it doesn’t then a lot of the muscles around there become dysfunctional and also promote issues of nerve entrapment which can also cause issues. Because wherever the nerve goes you know ? You have artery and vein.

So you’ll usually have venous insufficiency in some areas or a more stagnation perpetuating trigger points perpetuated basha locations so much more stuff to go on with that. But yeah and also just because of $600 or because it’s really cheap does not mean. It’s better or worse. 

If you don’t know to choose the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, you can watch the video below :

You have to try on all the ones you can and if you’re really strapped for money trial and all the ones you can and then buy the one that is the the cheapest that works for you and so on so forth and buy it online afterwards. So try it in the store it and then buy it online. That’s what’s trying to get it I hope this articles clears up any confusion you guys have with choosing our thoughts. Because it can be very tough to choose them and  thank you so much. Don’t forget to check out my blog. Alright take care guys see.

My Tough Mudder Experience And Tips For Beginner !

Hey everyone ! what’s up my name is Andrew and welcome to my blog. Today, I’m gonna be telling you about my experience doing Tough Mudder. So, if you don’t know what Tom Potter is it’s basically a obstacle course slash race ?

My Tough Mudder Experience

That was developed by British special forces in order to test your mental grit and teamwork kind of that’s pretty much this. The whole idea of it and I decided to try it and I am going to give you a review and like how it was for me and if you can do it and all that kind of stuff. So, I’m just gonna get started. So, I signed up for it I think in April and it happened June 18th at in Whistler on a Saturday. I have some race kind of training.

I’ve done ten K’s and 5k runs before, but I haven’t done anything other than that. So, it was definitely a step up for me and what I’ve accomplished so far so definitely. I had to train for it and I recommend that you train for it  basically. What I did was I went for runs about three to five times a week ?

I didn’t have a like a set amount of kilometers or miles that I needed to do each time I just did it until my body felt like like quitting so in order to improve my stamina. So that’s what I did for training for that ? I also did upper body weight lifting so just with dumbbells at home. Because we have dumbbells at home and I used a couple of internets to show me certain kind of exercises.

That would target each area the ones. That I enjoyed doing and I did that every other day or sometimes. I even did the mat for my runs. So, I definitely train train for it. I’d say well. I’d continuously been running in the first place. So, I have been running for a long time, but when it came to the upper body stuff. I did it about. I’d seemed like a month before the actual date and I feel like.

I didn’t need any more upper body strength. I mean it would definitely be beneficial, but it wasn’t like couldn’t do something. So, if you’re thinking. Oh, I won’t be able to do it. Because of upper-body strength to give you kind of a perspective on it. I can do about ten like man push-ups like sets and I can do about four sets of ten so maybe like 40 push-ups with breaks if that makes sense, so if you can do something like that.

Because you are lifting your own body weight in this whole thing. So, it doesn’t really matter how much weight ? I’m lifting. It’s just if you can lift your own body weight and do about. I’d say 40 push-ups you should be fine. So, you don’t worry don’t worry too much about that what really ? I feel like is the biggest kicker is definitely cardio especially. If you plan on running the entire time, which I find would definitely probably be impossible.

I don’t think that you’d be able to run the entire time. Because during Tough Mudder I had times where I’d be going like vertically like up a hill that was like this so or like I’d be in mud. That’s like up to my waist and if you I don’t know how you could run in that. So,that’s kind of what I mean by you won’t be able to run the entire time ? So don’t think that your time to complete the race will be the same amount as if you just ran a 20k.

Tough Mudder Tips For Beginner

Because that is not the case you have to wait for obstacles and that is I’d say the worst part about Tough Mudder is waiting for the obstacles. Because I think it was our fourth obstacle that we did the Arctic enema and that was like basically sliding into full-body amount of water that had ice cubes in it so like not frozen solid water. But, I am like an ice bath and going under two things and then coming out.

So you are completely soaked for the rest of the time. There’s a bunch of other obstacles with water as well so just, when you’re about to dry off and get warm. You’re gonna get cold and wet again like. I was like kind of worried. What should I wear to stay warm ? Because I live in Canada and our summer has not yeah at all so I was looking up like the Under Armour or something like that compression tops.

It doesn’t really matter ? I my advice if you’re worried about that is don’t worry about it ? Because no matter what you do you’re gonna be cold like just get over the fact of trying to prevent being cold. Because you will be so cold the entire time nobody can say that they were warm doing the Tough Mudder that I did it was impossible it was raining. I think it was like maybe 10 degrees maximum and you’re wet and frozen the entire time so don’t worry about like clothing.

I mean if you do, I wouldn’t recommend wearing cotton. Because he would get like stretched out and like heavy and that would kind of suck, but even then like I saw a bunch of people with cotton stuff and they were fine the officers themselves. I enjoyed very much ! I loved the teamwork aspect of it and just know that there’s a lot of walls to get over. So, people are there in a boost you so as long as you can just pull yourself in flip over.

You should be fine ? I did have a lot of bruises then at like afterwards. I didn’t fall and a lot of people did fall ? Because it is mud right. So, you’re they’re slipping and sliding on what would like ? There’s no. It’s slippery so a bunch of people fell, I saw I witnessed. I think both of my friends fell and I don’t know why I didn’t fall ? I don’t know ,but I still had bruises all over my body and mosquito bites that came later. I had one in my hair here the turning of a goose, but like goose egg.

I have one here. I’m not sure we can see it. But, yeah I think the hardest part of the entire thing was definitely the cardio and the length 20 K is especially. When parts of it are through mod and like I said hills like this Steve like. You’re a mountain goat pretty much uh definitely tires you at the most. I did have super a lot of muscle aches the next day and the day after. But nothing too bad like something.

You would expect for that amount of output. So, if you’re a girl or just worried about doing Tough Mudder and don’t forget to choose the best shoes for tough mudder – before the race. I recommend just doing it like. It’s not timed. It’s camaraderie and it’s fun. Would I do it again ? Maybe, I didn’t appreciate beating that cold. I’m kind of a when it comes to being cold for four hours like ? I don’t know drenched and cold and what I did again probably not ?

I have other things in mind that. I would like to do like half marathons and marathons and stuff like that. So I think that will definitely be my focus in the future. But, I did want to show you my proof that. I did Tough Mudder and that is my headband. They crown you with at the end of the race and that was awesome. I did do the electric. What was it called electroshock therapy. I did do it.

I didn’t get electrocuted unfortunately. He’s like but my friends did and they said that it didn’t really hurt ?  They said it kind of felt like if you’ve ever seen like those infomercials about dr. Ho’s like muscle spasm things. That are supposed to make you fit they kind of look. It’s very similar to that so don’t be too scared about it on the waiver it says like. You could get like organ failure permanent aggression and depression and anxiety from these shocks and no no no don’t worry about ?

It it’s fine the reason why I didn’t get electrocuted ? Is I’m so small that the I’m 5 foot 3 on a good day ? So the wires were pretty much like hanging like this and they’re kind of like the thicknesses of these strand light things and they just kind of fall like this .So, I was just pretty much just able to just go in between them all and not really have to deal with touching them so and I took my time.

I knew and I wasn’t rushed about it. So yeah, I take your time and then you can kind of like weave. In unless you’re a big guy and then just go for it . Because I tell a lot of guys doing that to you. They’re just jumping through afterwards. We got lots of free swag. We got shirts deodorant like food beer the best part and we donated our shoes. Because they were super money you can do that.

If you don’t know the tips for tough mudder – before the race then you can watch the video below for reference :

So, I think that’s pretty cool so yeah if you’re definitely interested in doing Tough Mudder then I’d say just do it. I was part of one of my bucket list things to do and I’m very out of myself for being able to do it. It’s definitely no small feat don’t let me, don’t let me paint that picture that. It’s no small feat do train do try and let me know if you’ve ever done it and what you think about Tough Mudder ? I think that’s it don’t forget to like articles and share.

Yatta Yatta all those thingies that you say at the end and I’ll see you in the next ariticles bye bye, good morning. We’re just starting our trip now or just about to leave and it’s kind of going our six-hour Drive are going to Portland. Please follow Andrew !

Review: BEST BUDGET LED HEADLIGHTS (Low Cost, Great Quality)

So a lot of you and guys on our blog actually all the time can you find some cheaper bulbs. Now, you guys are just starting out you just changing your first LED bulb and that’s perfect fine.


You just want to test out the LED game. You know changing into white lights making it look modern me. I totally understand that you want some cheaper bulbs, but not diminishing quality that much and I totally understand and I think that’s the product right there hey guys going teach. You’re making more videos again and today guys we got another unboxing for you and this has LED headlights on a budget so without further ado. Let’s get to it. Oh so these are our c6 bulbs – this is the Best LED Headlights for all types of car.

You and guys know these are one of my favorite types of bulbs the housing and the court on the court is really short and a housing is just. I just love the housing so high quality housing now if you click in the paragraph above you figure out quickly. That these are actually low price LED bulbs and there’s a reason to that the chip is a different type of chip. I believe the quality still there because the reviews said that it’s pretty good even though the price is low it’s not going to be like one of those expensive chips.

But the quality is still going to be there and the price that’s what you guys want hope this one is an option like. I said this is from the company that time years that and if you click on a link the paragraph above. I’ve done actually LEDs from these guys before so oh yeah so much of the literature is on a betrayer looking at the chip yeah these are some different LED chips. Not bad like I said they’re not bad at all and I love this style this is the style. I love my one my favorites just enclose everything to close in here these are the fan bulbs everything’s enclosure here.

You got your heat sink right here. You got everything metal really solid looking bulb and you have a short cord like this a lot of people like cordless some people like the box the driver me personally. I just tend to like the shorter cord like this you. Immediately, be able to see that these chips bring it really close the chip on this. Bad boy is this chip right here if your front a diode basically structure it still looks awesome. In my opinion, it’s a big center right there. Let me just take out the other one real quick they both look beautiful.

I’m looking at to make sure there’s no imperfections or anything like that and like I said these are my favorite style right here. Now other people have other opinions. I totally understand that it’s your opinion. I’ve been changing out LEDs for a while and I just tend to like the style better and so what I want to do for you guys is find this style cheaper both. But not decrease in quality so hopefully these are it now whenever you click on the link in the paragraph above.

Guys, make sure you’re picking the right size bulb for your specific car obviously. It works with any car out there I still get to till today questions asking are these bulbs only for a Honda Accord. I afford. I have a GMC and they asked me to send me is that links to those type of bulbs and I try to explain to them you just have to click a little egit the paragraph above and pick the right sized bulb and the right size boat will be in the manual online or my favorite place on the bulb itself.

Because you get to actually touch the bulb. You get to see the bulb for yourself and any when you go online. You’re like oh okay that’s how it looks oh this is where you plug it in plug and play you get familiar with it. That’s my favorite place to actually check the books, but manual and or online will get you the right size bulb for your specific car for your specific model so there’s only one thing to do let’s go to my car.



Let’s test it out first we’re gonna check it out on the wall and second we’re going to get on a street and see how they look at night hopefully did it great so without further ado. Let’s get to it alrighty guys by now you already know how this works basically. I already installed the LED bulbs. You can see them right there now installing LED bulbs. It’s really simple and on every single video I gotta explain this basically.

You just you know twist it and pull it out. I’ve done many post on details on this tons plenty of post. I mean like plenty of post and you guys already probably know this I’ve been playing of these post but if I don’t tell you ? You know how to actually and you know remove the balls, which I said it’s a twist and then pull. It is like one of the easiest things. You can do twist pull unplug. That’s it now the plugs right there and everything so don’t have to worry about that ? So like I said it’s a twist and pull now.

I’ve already replaced both of them so without further ado. Let’s go test it on the wall first and then let’s test it outside like I always do so without further ado. Let’s get to it alright guys. I am genuinely surprised at how bright these things actually are and let me turn off my fog lights right here. Because a lot of people want to make sure you know my following star off so here you go.

I’m actually quite surprised how bright these things are already honestly don’t see that that much so the difference in terms of how bright these are so if you’re looking for like a budget one these might be a good option guys. I have to say especially if you’re starting out you don’t want to spend like a hundred bucks on LED headlights get these things. They’re definitely going to work out for you and as you can see they’re pure white the color is just beautiful white color you can see my hand and look at look at just look at that beautiful beauty.

So like I said I have to say these are some great budget LED bulbs already. I’m liking them let’s take it on a road and let’s see how they look holy crap guys. I am genuinely surprised at how bright these things actually are these are really bright and right now. I don’t even have my fog lights on and normally. I have my fog lights on in the beginning but you know I just want to show you that.

I have my fog lights off right here and then now these things are generally invitin look at how when I turn on my fog lights. They’re just going to get a lot brighter look at that. That is just beautiful man. I am surprised honestly these things are definitely on a budget, but they are still bright guys you can you can clearly see it just you know on the budget bulbs definitely bright like I said I would recommend these.

If you’re trying to change out your headlights on a budget Geysers testing amount. I’m just you know moving to LEDs and not spend too much money. I definitely totally agree with you and I understand where you’re coming from and these are on the budget as you can see guys. It’s doing a great job of attacking this entire area. I was like I said I’m seriously genuinely surprised and also doing a great job has a nice starting part right there going this way and then that way and then you know fog lights are getting all this area right here now.

A lot of people also ask me can I use these bulbs in my fog lights and the answer is absolutely. You can however me in my opinion I just don’t use fan bulbs in my fog lights and the reason for that is just it’s just my thing. I just don’t like you know a fan down here and a fan up there and a fan down here. You know I don’t want dirt and stuff getting in it that’s just my opinion .

However, people ask me all the time and of course you can use sand up here you can you stand down there. you know you can get these bulbs in the link is going to be in the paragraph above. You can get these folks for both up there and down here and they’re just going to brighten up your entire night guys beautiful bulbs like I said they are absolutely beautiful and people also ask me are my high beams are no they’re not.

They’re eye beams are right here. They’re off. I show you my high fees they’re going to be extremely bright and look at that all the links are in the paragraph above. Guys make sure you go check it out these bulbs are awesome definitely low cost, but still great quality and great performance. That’s what I want to see yeah that’s what I like that’s the best outcome. You know you have your low cost and great quality.

I’m loving these things guys. I really am and I would recommend this to anyone, who are starting out in LEDs. Wanna you know change out of your bulbs ? I would go for these guys they’re definitely on a budget and there’s still high-quality loving them and I know you will love it all right you guys this articles hope you guys enjoyed it Lisa purchases bad boys in the paragraph above like I said they are in the paragraph above.

I think some people don’t understand, what I’m trying to say other links are literally paragraph above you just click on it pick the right size bulb and you’re on your way these will definitely exceeded my expectations. They are low price, but yes that quality is still there are the brightness and so there amuse yourself sorry seeing is believing honestly so yeah. If you’re just getting into the LED market.

Also, if you are interested in the many best led headlights products for your car, watch the video below for reference.

You’re just getting to the LED game changing your headlights. You want to test out LEDs and see if they work for you and you don’t want to spend too much money these are it guys these are it C six bulbs links are in the paragraph above surprising. I’m loving it and I know you will love it there should be a follow and share  right here.

Make sure you click on it for more articles in the future it should also be a post by department over here. Make sure you consider for more awesome reviews, but other than ask you to share say thanks for reading it. Please follow OfciallArianeAndrewWebsite.