Share: 4 Secrets To Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In ALL DAY

Do you ever have this problem? You start the day with your dress shirt tucked in, looking great. However, after only an hour or two, your shirt is coming out, giving that dreaded muffin top look. In today’s this post, I’m going to give you 4 Ways to keep your dress shirt tucked in all day Before we go over the 4 techniques, here are 3 general tips, though, to help keep your shirt looking tidy all day.

Tip 1. Make sure to buy a dress shirt that has at least 3 inches of fabric that goes below the belt line.

Tip 2. Pay attention to the gig line. This is the imaginary line that is formed when your shirt placket, belt buckle, and the front seat of your trousers are all aligned.

Tip 3. Get rid of the excess fabric in and around the waist area. So take your shirt to get tailored or buy a custom shirt that doesn’t have a whole bunch of excess fabric in and around the waist. Let’s start off with Method #1, the basic tuck. This is the method we are all familiar with, you simply tuck your shirt into your pants and you’re good to go.

This works for some men, especially if you’re in pretty good shape and you’ve got a well-tailored shirt, but for a lot of guys, they’re gonna need something more. So for that, let’s go to Method #2, Next up we’ve got the Military Tuck. You may find it easier to have your trousers unbuttoned to start. You are going to take the excess fabric at your sides, pinch them between your thumb and index finger, and then use your thumb to fold the excess fabric behind itself.

Continue to adjust, pushing more fabric into the fold until you are satisfied. Then button your trousers and make any final adjustments. This method can be very helpful if you have a shirt with excess material around the middle. On to Method #3, the Underwear Tuck. If you typically wear an undershirt this is the technique you will want to use. Take your undershirt and tuck it into your underwear, then tuck your dress shirt over your underwear and into your trousers.

This method helps keep your undershirt from pulling at your dress shirt and untucking it. Finally, we have my favorite method, the use of Shirt Stays. I learned the shirt stay method while in the United States Marine Corps, and have since discovered they are a favorite trick tool used in all branches of the military and popular with police officers who need to look sharp and still be able to have a full day of movement in uniform.

For this, you will need to purchase a set of shirt stays, also known as shirt garters. Shirt stays are elastic bands with attachments on each end that connect to your dress shirt on one end the top of your socks on the other. They create light tension when worn and continuously pull on your shirt to keep it tucked in no matter what you’re doing: An added bonus is they hold your socks up! And no, they are not visible when worn or uncomfortable if worn correctly!

If you want to know more to Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In ALL DAY, you can watch the video below

A great looking dress shirts are key part of being sharp dressed Use these tips and techniques to stay looking your best! For more detail check out the step by step article at

7 Style Tips From Game Of Thrones For You

Gentlemen, please forgive my flea bottom accent, but I’m here to talk to you about Jon Snow, he’s the king of the North. Now, certain red women would have you believe that Jon Snow knows nothing. That’s not true, gentlemen. Jon Snow knows style. And in today’s post, I’ve got seven tips that you can take from the Game of Thrones and incorporate into your wardrobe.

So, today’s post I’m having fun, I’m taking Jon Snow from The Game of Thrones and I’m presenting to you seven solid tips. These are real tips and you can use these and you could incorporate these into your wardrobe. Are you ready guys?

Have The Confidence of a Highborn Lord

Tip number one: Carry yourself with the confidence of a highborn lord despite perhaps being a bastard. So, if you’re familiar with Jon Snow’s story you know that his lineage was a bit suspect, yet he was raised in a family of highborn and he built up confidence even though he knew he wasn’t going to inherit any lands.

He wasn’t going to get a fancy title, he is a sense was still on his own. So, he walked around with that chip on his shoulder a bit, but he always had confidence. Even when he went to the wall he’s still, Lord Snow was considered to be kind of in his own world, he was a little bit aloof. Now you don’t want to be aloof, but you do want to carry yourself with confidence. Now, Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow, I wasn’t aware that he was only 5’8” and this is important because relative wise he’s around a lot of other characters who are 6’2”, 6’4”, you know just bigger characters, yet he always looks — he looks sizable.

He doesn’t look small he doesn’t look tiny compared with these other characters because he carries himself with confidence. He is always in a sense looking like he’s in charge or that he could be in charge and hence that goes to play in his story.

Take the Black

Tip number two: Take the black. So, when Jon Snow became a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, he basically donned all black, but even before that and even after he was always drawn to darker colors. Why? Well, you look at his complexion you look at his hair color, black is a color that works really well for him. Dark colors, in general, are going to work great with Jon Snow. Now, with Jon Snow another thing that he liked about black you come off as more aggressive.

Think about that if you can wear a color and people perceive you as someone that is stronger someone that is basically tougher someone that you don’t want to mess with, that helps a lot when you’re guarding a wall and you’re protecting, you know, the rest of the world from what’s on that other side grumpkins and such that’s over there. The point has he understood that black is his color and he went with it.

You know monochromatic Jon Snow

Tip number three: You know monochromatic Jon Snow. So, you look at Jon Snow in general, he goes for monochromatic looks. These are looks where he basically has one color up and down. This gives the illusion of height, it makes you look leaner and it gives a very strong overall profile in silhouette. So, Jon Snow, again and again, he’s not going in and bringing a bright colored belt or type of holster for his sword, he knows that, hey, I’m going to go with all dark colors.

Yeah, a lot of that went on the watch and went with the choice of black, but even afterward when, hey, he’s the king of the north he can wear whatever he wants, he could go kind of like Renly if he wanted to and bring in all colors of the rainbow. He decides not to, he decides I’m going to stick with what works for me what makes me look taller. Because whenever you break up a monochromatic look what you do is you stop the eyes from going up and down.

Now, if you want to bring in some variation to a monochromatic look, you can have fun with the shoes you can have fun with his hair maybe accessories like a pair of glasses maybe even a scarf which would actually work up there in the north. The point being, you can work on the endpoints up and around your head down at your feet, but here in the midsection of the body, you want to allow the eyes to go up and down which gives the appearance of making you taller, leaner, and stronger.

Build up the Shoulders

Tip number four: Jon Snow knows how to build up his shoulders. Just look at the guy, he always has first stacked on his shoulders. Now, part of this is to keep warm, but part of it also is to look more intimidating. When you basically build up your shoulders all of a sudden you come off as stronger you come off as more masculine you come off as taller. Now, you can do this with a sports jacket, you can do this with a leather jacket, you can do this with a jean jacket.

You can have certain shirts that maybe you’re going to have epaulets or basically a little bit of design embroidery right up here on the chest, upper chest, the shoulder area. What this is going to do it’s going to make your shoulders look bigger and that is a strong look.

Wear Leather

Tip number five. Wear leather. Now, the way Jon Snow wears it’s a little bit different, they usually boil the leather and they use it with a wool with chainmail to create an armor.

I’m not going to recommend that for all men, but I will recommend that you may be looking at a leather jacket. Leather in general as a fabric that’s used to make clothing to make shoes to make accessories is perceived as strong and masculine. Classic studies where they looked at all these different textiles they put it mostly in front of women and they asked them, okay, what emotions do each of these evoke.

Leather had the feeling of strength and masculinity across cultures. Part of this is we’ve conditioned it’s not something I think we’re naturally picking up, but it’s something that we see it as a very tough as something that is a luxury fabric something that is associated with wear and tear and therefore with masculinity.

Grow out your hair

Tip number six: Grow out your hair. We’re talking about on your head, we’re talking about on your face. So, when John Snow is on the other side of the wall, he gets captured by the wildlings, what is he doing? He’s growing the stubble because he knew that a little bit of stubble would drive those wilding women crazy. And sure enough, he got lucky broke his vows, but you know that’s another story.

The point is, he understood the power of stubble and how it makes men look more attractive. Now, he didn’t stop there, he realized I need to come off as more aggressive I need to look tougher and stronger. How do you do that? You start rocking the full beard. Now, he also realized, hey, nothing like letting that hair on top grow out and always making it look good. So, they didn’t show this on screen, but I think they talked about it on one of the secret books how he would actually use yak milk and other things too, you know, make sure the condition his hair always make it look great.

Because have you ever noticed how after a fight after he’s been you know getting chased by wildlings and living with them for months or fighting a White Walker, the guy still has amazing hair. I attribute it to the dragon’s blood but don’t discount yak milk.

Get a dog or a dire wolf

Tip number seven: Get a dog or a dire wolf. Now, the latter may be a little bit harder to come by, but we watch Game of Thrones what do we notice? Jon Snow and Ghost they’re inseparable. Ghost is Jon’s wingman. Everywhere Jon goes Ghost is there for him to support him to back him up. If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got an animal and, yeah, you want to go out and meet more people why not go out with your dog.

People perceive your love and the attention and that everything that you do for this animal it’s actually a great thing when people see that especially women they attribute the fact that you are someone that can take care of someone else, you’re not selfish they perceive this as a great thing. And there was a study, they talked about getting phone numbers. If you’re a man out walking a dog and you’re dressed sharp, you are three times more likely to get a woman’s phone number if you ask for it when you’re with the dog and you’re dressed sharply than if you weren’t with this combination.

Pretty interesting, huh? But what they find is that when people see a man with a dog, we perceive them as someone that’s more loving, someone that’s more caring, someone in a sense that we feel we’re open to. All right, gents now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down the comments what did you think of this post. Who’s the most stylish character on Game of Thrones? What other fictional characters would you like to see me do a video on talking about their style and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe?

Let me know guys down in the comments. And if you want more, go check out . I’ve got a free app for you, I’ve got an awesome podcast, so many infographics and articles where you could learn to dress like the man you know yourself to be. And if you’re interested in coaching I’ve got that program as well I’m going to link to all this down in the description of this post. Gents, that’s it take care. I’ll see you in the next post. Now, be sure to sign up for e-mail notifications, that way you can read my post when they first come out. Now, sometimes I offer exclusive deals that are time-sensitive, so make sure that you never miss out on one by being part of the early notification squad.

Ten Of The Most ATTRACTIVE Men’s Hair Styles 2017

Hello Everybody! I’m Andrew and you want to level up your style, you want to come off as more attractive and you know you want to start with your hair, but where are you going to start? Guys, there are so many options when it comes to hair. So, we went out there and we did the research and in today’s post, I’ve got for you ten of the most attractive men’s hairstyles.

Ten of the Most Attractive Men’s Hairstyles

Now, gentlemen, I want to have fun with this post, right now the order is a bit random. I did a lot of research, we tried to find what were considered to be the most attractive hairstyles, but I couldn’t find the true ranking. But, I bet some of you, guys have tried a few of these hairstyles perhaps you’ve got some great stories and perhaps you can help me take these ten attractive hairstyles and rank them and we’ll use that in another post at another point.

Also, you’ll notice there’s a lot of images in this post, there’s an infographic which you can go grab you can take to the barber you can show him on how to get the particular hairstyle that you want. Attractive hairstyle number one, the undercut. Made popular by actors like Brad Pitt, athletes like David Beckham. It actually has a working-class history. Go back a couple of hundred years.

Barbers that didn’t have a whole lot of skill could easily get this cut. So, for a lot of guys that couldn’t maybe afford the best, this was something they went with because it gave a nice clean look. Now, the issue with the undercut is if you don’t have great ears you’ve got big ears, you may want to avoid this. The characteristics of this haircut are on the sides. It’s going to be short or in some cases even shaved.

On top, it’s going to be much longer, usually more than 3 inches and we’re going to see it combed straight back sometimes to the right sometimes to the left, oftentimes product is going to be used in the hair. So, we’re talking about wax, we’re talking about pomade, we’re talking about gels to keep everything in place throughout the day. Attractive hairstyle number two, the classic quiff.

We saw this made popular by guys like Elvis Presley. It was really big in the music industry. The history of it, I’m a little bit uncertain about, I wasn’t able to find too much of about this. But one of the reasons that women love the classic quiff is it looks a bit rugged, a little bit messy. So, when we look at the features the key characteristics of this type of hairstyle, we see the volume.

We see that basically the hair is being combed a little bit forward except for the front area. There, it’s going to be a little bit messed. The side shorter, it can be a bit longer than the undercut. We’re not going to see the shaved, but definitely, up on top, it’s going to be longer. Guys, that is the classic quiff. Attractive hairstyle number three, the classic pompadour. Made popular recently by gentlemen such as Bruno Mars.

If we look back in the history of this hairstyle, we’ll see a couple hundred years ago, it started off as a woman’s hairstyle. And as late as the 1950’s, many women were still supporting this. Nowadays, again, we’ve seen a number of musicians bring this is. And let’s talk about the features of the classic pompadour. It’s actually a cousin to the quiff, but it’s neither. Everything is going to be swept back, every hair is going to be in its place.

The overall feel of this is it’s basically a high maintenance. If you look at it from the sides, it almost got like shark’s fin look to it, but this is the man who is supremely confident. Attractive hairstyle number four, the crew cut also known as the classic cut also known as the Ivy League cut. So, that last name kind of gives away a little bit of its history. But, it was made popular about a hundred years ago on some of the top college campuses.

What we found, young men love this because it was low maintenance, a very easy way to look great when they’re going to class to look presentable. And still, to this day, that’s one of the reasons it’s a very popular cut. So, we were looking at the features of the crew cut, what we’re going to notice is that it’s pretty even length across the whole top of the head. Now, it’s going to be a little bit shorter over on the sides and in the front area, occasionally people will brush it up.

But, again, this is a very low maintenance style and something that a guy doesn’t even have to part. Attractive hairstyle number five, the bus cut also known as the military cut. Now, the key with this haircut is consistency, so around the head, we’re going to see about to the most inch length. Now, the reason for this and if you look at the named military, is to keep the hair out of the way.

So, if you’re going to be in a fight, you’re a fighter you’re an athlete, you don’t want anyone accidentally or on purpose to be able to grab your hair use it against you. Now, when we look at the features of the bus cut like I said it’s consistency, so a 0 or a 1 guard all the way around the head. Now, also at the back of the neck and on the sides, you want to make sure to have very tight lines.

Attractive hairstyle number six, the side part also known as the professional cut. Made popular by guys such as Antonio Centeno. No, just joking. But, you guys get the point. This is the hairstyle that I love that I usually go with. Now, the key feature of this obviously the part right here. But did you know that you can move that part up and down, it doesn’t have to go where you traditionally or you’ve gotten the habit of putting it.

Another thing, some guys actually will take a razor and they will make a permanent part, I’m not a big fan of that, but some guys are into it. Now, the location, should it be on the left or the right? Depending on what depends on where your cowlick is at. So, the cowlick in the back part of the hair that goes in different directions. I have mine right back here, but I have moved the line over here and it can work over there.

Looks a little bit odd on the back, but if you use enough product. But some guys have two cowlicks, some guys have three cowlicks. The key feature of this hairstyle as previously mentioned is going to be the part that’s either on the left or on the right. The hair on top of the head, in general, is going to be much longer than on the sides. We’re talking about 3 to 6 inches up on top.

Over on the sides, it’s going to be much shorter. You will rarely ever see it shaved though on the sides. This hairstyle, in general, is a much more modern and mature style, it’s associated with a business. Attractive hairstyle number seven, the tussled aka messy look. Made popular by actors such as Robert Pattison. This type of look right here has a raw kind of an edgy look to it, a very youthful feel.

A lot of artists want to go with this, looks like they just crawled out of bed, but they didn’t, they actually took time to put this together. Now, the overall features of this hairstyle, what we’re going to see the little bit longer on top although the sides will be long. Across the hair, we’re going to see the product has been used to keep the messy look in place. About 2 to 4 inches on top, a little bit shorter on the sides.

Again, a very artistic look here. Attractive hairstyle number eight, the long round layered look also known as the hockey cut. As the name implies, made popular by hockey players back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. When they were on television other men would see them wearing their hair and they just like the way it looked. This is for longer hair, so we’re talking about 6 to 8 inches.

Also, this hair is usually going to be curly or wavy. Whenever you comb the hair straight back, it’s at the right length, it’s going to look like a mini lion’s mane and that’s why it’s attractive for a lot of people. Many women are drawn to it as well, it’s got more of a laid back kind of a wild vibe feel to it. Attractive hairstyle number nine, the fade. Made popular by a number of athletes and actors.

The key with the fade here is that you have really, really curly hair, something that makes a lot of the other hairstyles almost impossible. But, guys right here, they want to still have texture, they want to have some look, so the fade the key characteristic of it is that what we see at the bottom going up to the top, we start to see more hair. So, a lot of times they’re going to use a pair of clippers, go for maybe a 0 start at the bottom and then go up to almost a 4.

Now, at the top, you could add different products to give it a bit more body, but the sides are going to be very tight. They’re going to have very clean lines around the sides and in on the back. All right, gentlemen. So, I’m going to cheat a little bit on this next attractive hairstyle because it’s not actually a hairstyle. I’m talking about shaving your head. I’m talking about going bald.

Why would you want to do this? Because, gentlemen, for some women this is very attractive, something they’re drawn to. In addition, men who shave their head come off as more dominant, they come off as stronger. So, this could be a great thing, something you could use to your advantage and definitely don’t discount it. All right, gentlemen. So, now it’s your turn.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite hairstyle is, which one you consider to be most attractive. And I really want to hear from some of you guys that have tried a few of these. And, if you want a particular product, let’s say you want to get some gel, you want to go over and get some pomade, you want to get some clay to be able to use to have any of these hairstyles, go check out Pete & Pedro.

I’ve got an affiliate deal with them, so, yes, I do get a commission, but that also means I can give you guys a great deal. So, the link I’m going to put down in the description, Aaron gives you a two basically when you buy two, you get one free. And Aaron Marino, he’s the owner of that company. You probably know he owns Alpha M. He’s a good friend of mine. I have watched him do quality control on his products.

I use this product and I’m really happy to be able to bring you guys this buy two get one free deal. And if you I’m going to link to the link, but if you forget to use it, just send Aaron an e-mail and say, hey, you know, I found you trough Antonio, make sure to give me that buy two get one free deal. Guys, if you got any questions, let me know down the description, hopefully, you go check out that big infographic we put together. That’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next post. Take care.

People Train Like The Kardashians For A Week : Ariane Andrew Website

Kourtney and Khloé are so annoying so I left them over there, and I’m working out over here.

Training Like The Kardashians

I’m so over them. This week we’re training like the Kardashians. And probably end up with really big butts.  I don’t really like the Kardashians that much, I don’t understand why people are so into them.  I really like the Kardashians, I appreciate their family dynamic, they’re also amazing business people.  From what I’ve seen on Keeping up with the Kardashians it doesn’t seem like the Kardashians have much of a tolerance for pain so I don’t think that this workout is gonna be that hard.

Although I don’t really like them, I know that a lot of work goes into keeping their bodies and their image in tact. I feel like this could be harder than it seems.  My name is Gunnar Peterson and you are in the Beverly Hills gym that I live in pretty much. We’re gonna go through some cool, full body, multi joint movements that should elevate their heart rates and really fire them up and get them on their path to working out, if they’re not already on it.  Do you think we’ll be able to keep up with the Kardashians?  Well you mean the workout? Oh for sure you’ll be killin this.

No, no you will  Wait  No, I know you will you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. wait? what? You’ll be fine.  I was really excited to meet Gunnar, he’s trained so many celebrities and athletes that I look up to  First thing he did was he put us on some form of cardio and I was afraid he was gonna leave us on those treadmills all day.  The workouts themselves were actually really cool. They were kind of a combination of a little bit of circuit training, weight training, and always involved some cardio.  

A lot of the workouts were so fun that you didn’t feel like you were working out.  He had so many interesting workout moves that you never see, and I think a lot of it is connected with this really cool equipment he has that he has engineered.  The worst part of working out with Gunnar was this little machine that he had us on, it was so tiring.  So weird, cuz your legs looked like they were stopped.

They were stopped  They were? Oh okay just I stopped between letters  Making sure I saw that.  He was completely on us making sure that we were lifting enough weight, going fast enough, but at the same time he was encouraging us to drink water all the time and rest when we needed to. A lot of his equipment were super high tech and game like. These are gonna light up  its like a game!  It’s kinda like a game.

You kinda get competitive when you’re hitting the blocks and everything like that and when you’re just trying to run. Aha! I don’t know if I’d do the jump midway, but whatever works. Get up there, there it is. Holy cow, come on dude just a second killing it! Big breathe hit there  How did we do today?  I think you guys killed it. Thank you so much!  

Thank you so much  I’m glad you guys made it in Guys, good luck this week,  Raise the roof Keep up on three, get in here. One, two, three keep up! Keep up with the Kardashians.  Oh wow!  Working out at Gunnar’s gym was awesome, we got to use all this equipment that I’ve never seen before, but kind of transferring that to real life where we were at our normal gyms, working out with normal equipment on our own time, that was a lot harder.

We had Gunnar’s workout yesterday and today of course my muscles are hurting. I’m already over it, already don’t wanna go I was considering staying home and I am already late.  It required a lot of personal motivation to get up and do his long workouts without him there making sure that we were doing everything correctly.  His workout was basically warmup, big chunk of workout, and then 30 minutes of cardio.

I normally just do the cardio.  We’d all go to the gym together cuz it was like, okay well I can’t not go to the gym because there’s two other people waiting for me.  I totally would have slept this morning if I hadn’t already made plans with these two.  I was about to not go today but Selorm said she was going so, .  I will say it’s a little bit harder than I thought it was gonna be.  But it’s cool though cuz I feel like we’re the Kardashian sisters.We are  cuz we’re kind of matching. I immediately figured out who is who. Michelle is for sure Khloé cuz she’s like the workout guru.

One more one more! I’m Kourtney cuz I’m like, second. It’s really hard to find motivation when you have a full day of work ahead and you only have 30 minutes left to sleep. Sometimes you just choose sleep. Selorms Kendall. She’s already fit without even trying We’re on our last rep now, Woo!How’s it feel? – Almost done  I want pasta. I am not going today. I was at an amusement park till 2:00 a.m. last night and the last thing I wanna do right now is dumbbell lateral raises.

I just don’t think this is something that’s necessarily doable for a normal person’s schedule.This morning I got to the gym and both Selorm and Cane had to cancel to do something else, so I had to do the workout by myself and it just made me realize like, how much easier and more fun it is to work out when you have a team or a trainer with you to push you.

I feel like, maybe if I was a Kardashian my body, my appearance, would be such a huge part of my career that I have to make time in my schedule to go to the gym. What I learned from this experience is that the people we see on the covers of magazines not only have photoshop on their side, but also they’re paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for nutritionists, trainers, a whole team of people to help them look the way they do. No normal person has that kind of support.

We’re just regular people tryna get fit. It’s much harder then we thought. It’s really difficult to like, fit it into your regular life. Overall, I’m happy with my body. I don’t think I need a Kardashian body to feel comfortable and happy with who I am. As long as I’m fit and healthy, that’s all that really matters to me. So we’re doing superman today. Superman? Like, like superman that, like that? Yes just like that. Oh kay,  no no no. Please follow Ariane Andrew Blog.

Women Face Their Fashion Fears For A Week : Ariane Andrew

Chafing, chafing, all around Sunset Boulevard.  This week we are facing our fashion fears. Fashion fears. To me a fashion fear is everything that I don’t want to wear. That insecurity that I’ve kept repressed for years and years and now focusing on that and doing only that.  The thing you don’t do on your body.

Fashion Fear of Women

My fashion fear is my boobs, just everything surrounding them.The bodycon dress. Pants. Low rise jeans. Overalls, big, big overalls. It’ll be interesting confronting our insecurities head on. Wait, I’m like sweating now. Is this actually happening? I’m moist. I’m Tiffany Reese of I’m a big believer in facing our fashion fears because I don’t think we should let clothing have so much power over us.

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m Tiffany. It’s so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I need your help.  I am afraid of bodycon dresses. It’s more the being exposed that freaks me out. I just prefer a flowy dress just in case I want to eat a big lunch. One time I wore a bodycon dress to work and Freddie was just the whole day like “Hey!” And I was like, “This is why I don’t do it.”

Even though they’re all tight fitting, they’re tight fitting in different ways so I’m hoping you’ll find one that’s like the winner, the go to. So, I am afraid to show my boobs in any sort of way. I think I don’t show them or display them because they are large for my body and I don’t like getting that attention.  As a kid, I pissed myself constantly. You have 10 to 15 seconds to get everything off and sit your ass down or else pee is dripping down your leg and if you’re wearing overalls, you can’t get them off in time.

Do you piss your pants a lot?  Well, I have had three kids so the pissing thing. They zip all the way down, then you just Oh.  So if you really have to pee yourself, these are the overalls for you. My fashion fear is pants. I don’t like pants because I have something called PCOS and what that basically means is the majority of my fat congregates around my stomach and so whenever I wear pants it’s just like, “Ugh, there’s that thing I can’t get rid of.”

I have a good variety of stuff to try.  Wooh!  And I’m hoping that you will only hate them 50%.  I go for pants that cover the belly button. Anything below that makes me stressed. I never thought about it but I think I hate belly buttons.  I’m gonna have you start with the long tee shirt but the shirts are gonna maybe get a little tighter and shorter as the week goes. So we’re gonna push it.

Let’s start with this one. Let’s start with this girl.  What’s her name?  Sexy secretary.  So, they just are the Marshas, like their name is Marsha. Here we go. We’re all about to experience the Marshas in all their glory. I can’t wait. So these are full length overalls. So they are similar to coveralls but they don’t cover it all. My belly button is indeed exposed.  I’m trying to not use my hair as a crutch.

We’re out here. They’re a little warm, which is what I was concerned about but that is the nature of pants and I need to accept that. Step one is accepting pants for who they are. Step two, I think, is to wear them. Step three, I think, is to throw them in the garbage. So we’re gonna skip step three and just enjoy them and have a great time. This is the worst possible week for me to be on my period and guess what week it is?

To be honest, I’m trying to not think about it because they’re just so here.  I think these are more of like maybe a jeggings material so it’s not really cutting. Tiffany gave me tot option to maybe tie the shirt up to make it a little more va va voom and I decided against it.  I feel a little bit like a sausage. If I go to Chipotle at any point during this week, it’s just gonna be food baby central.

I’m expecting a burrito in t minus three weeks. More like t minus 24 hours but  I feel uncomfortable about the fact that the neck lines might get lower but that’s what we’re here to do. That’s my own insecurity and I have to deal with it. I have to face it. I have to face my fashion fear. That’s alliteration for you.

So day one wearing my low rise jeans. I just keep pulling up my pants even though they’re not even falling down but I just keep pulling them up. I want them to be above my belly button.  Having to go to the bathroom with these overalls has been tough because it adds an extra 45 seconds to my bathrooms which is sort of why I was so scared of them in the first place.  I do not know how you guys wear pants all the time. I do feel flattered in this outfit but I don’t feel, what’s the word, comfortable.

So I’ve only been wearing this shirt for two and a half hours and it happened. Someone exited the bathroom, our eyes met, but before our eyes met their eyes met the Marshas.  I think I look a lot fancier than usual because I’ve had a lot of people open doors for me. I think that the lip and the sunglasses are like helping me along with this kind of character. Twisted Joan from Mad Men.

It’s day two of pants. Got these cords. I mean, they’re comfortable. Honestly the one thing I like about them is I feel like I can do cartwheels.  So this is the lowest and most revealing outfit that I have. How do you feel about my jeans?  I officially made it through the day wearing this dress and not covering them up but I was definitely uncomfortable the whole time. It’s just not me.

I’m at a work event. I’m wearing overalls. I’ve gotten so many compliments or comments on overalls. It’s like a big surprise. I kind of like them when I’m outside. To have them outdoors makes me kind of feel like a happy farmer. It’s a very boss ass bitch outfit. I love this outfit. You know, my fashion fear is showing any boobs or just like accentuating them. Oh, exciting!  So here they are.

I’m just taken by the dress and the overall effect that it had. It’s just like boobs are part of the ensemble. What do you think of my outfit? I love it. You didn’t notice anything different? That I’m wearing a really tight dress?  It’s got a little bit of red on it. Oh, I mean, I don’t know. I think it looks great.  You haven’t been staring at my butt?  

Well, I always do that.  As the days go on, I’m starting to hate low rise jeans a little bit less. I’ve realized why I like high waisted jeans. High waist jeans make me feel like I have a popping booty. Low rise jeans deccentuate the booty. Is that a word?  Alright Jen, how do you have to do in the bathroom? You have to flip it up and it hurts you. Stuff fits, feeling like I could dance. I can’t dance but if I could dance, this would be great.

This is one of my favorite dresses of the week. I like this dress. I like the way it’s styled a lot. I like pretty much everything about it.  It’s stylish. Except for the fact that we did eat a lot of curly fries just now.  A lot of curly fries. Kind of trying to suck in and get rid of any curly fry food baby action. So the day is here where I have to wear a crop top. I’m very upset, barely want to get out of the car.

I’m cold.  I’m getting kind of used to these pants. So many people have been giving me compliments that I feel like maybe I’m just over thinking this a little bit and that pants aren’t that bad.  This is the legally brunette dress for real. I did too much. I did too much.  No you didn’t.  It’s a lot.  The shirt is fine. I’m just done. I’m just ready for it to kind of be over. What has happened Jen?

I thought there was an extra step. You just tripped on your overalls and just almost got pierced by this wall.  Yeah, I did fall. So this week we faced our fashion fears and it’s been terrible. Educational. Better than expected.  Um. I definitely feel like I actually look better in pants than I thought I did. Today, I got lots of compliments and at first I was like, “Really on this outfit?”

And I looked in the mirror and I was like Okay, yeah i could see a world where someone else was wearing this. I’d compliment them too.  I guess I’m just not seven anymore and I don’t piss myself as often as I used to. I also never really thought overalls could be cute before this but they can be so cute. Look at how cute this shit is.  I felt weird because I was like, “Is it bad that I’m an empowered women but I still don’t feel comfortable showing these natural parts of my body?”

I want the attention to be up here in just what I’m saying and what I’m doing rather than on a body part.  I did not have a great experience this week but I don’t think belly buttons are as bad as I thought they were at the beginning of the week. Let me see your belly button, Freddie. No, never.  I thought that maybe by the end of the week, I would feel more comfortable but I just don’t.

I think I might start wearing overalls though because I kind of felt like, “Hey, this item of clothing, not that bad.”  I think that after this week, I am more likely to wear a bodycon dress. This was a little bit of rejection therapy where it’s like people are staring at your butt, people are staring at your butt. But then after awhile you’re just like listen, it’s my butt. It’s there. What are we gonna do about it? Pretty much nothing because I go to yoga twice a week and that’s about as much as I can manage.

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How To Look Fashionable ? Fashion Trends #2017

Hi, I’m Ariane Andrew. I’m a celebrity list. And today, I’m here to discuss the trends of fashion 2017.  

How To Look Fashionable ? Fashion Trends 2017

Let’s go, The first trend. I’m going to be talking about are the short dresses. How many behad sorry sure dresses 2016 ? Maybe the hippie and I feel like the short dresses are going to continue. So i’m going to show you a couple of interesting short dresses and first one would be this the stripes are going to be huge the season. You Valley stripes these are call the seaside stripes. You’re going to see them throughout they’ll be tops. They’ll be trousers.

There will be everything made out of these tribes and it’s from Marks and Spencer instead of just wearing. It very normally like you know how shirt dresses are supposed to be worn. I open this up. I wear a little grungy inside and don’t jeans. So, you can team it up with sneakers. You can do heels with it you can do a very interesting little accessory. You know in in one of your feet.

I think sure dresses. I really think are ok to go at work. They are ok to chill in the evening. They’re okay also to go out of the evening. Because I’m going to show you a short dress, which works very sexily for an evening apne personality gives up say up look mix career match career at the same time. You’re wearing something which is very trendy. This is a very interesting mix of a short dress and this can be done very differently. You can wear jeans inside again.

You can wear a gonji. You can wear a crop top as you like and you can also do this with a really hot fitted dress inside so this works as a cape this works as a shirt dress. It can be done any way that you like we will see the brightest of yellows in 2017. I’m going to show you one here no matter what skin tone you. Are you will see shades and shades of yellow going into lime green ? So you don’t need to worry if you’re a darker shade you have a way to work out a lighter color yellow.

You will see fans, which you can team up with white. If you want to make it slightly more somber and if you want to go evening. You can put really like a lot of gold on it. If you want to make it very casual. You can do of white shirt yellow jeans and white sneakers yellow is something, which must be there in your wardrobe. In 2017 so the trench coats and capes are also seen so much in 2016 .

That I feel that it will still continue to be a big trend in 2017. For these trenches these capes are done in silks. They are done in cotton they are done like the wind cheetah fabric. So, i think there are so many variations that one can do with a trench and it stays one of my favourite pieces every brand is doing these kind of trenches and capes in every price range. That you can imagine from River Island to pull and bear – hmm – Zara you can go to any of these brands and pick up a trench for yourself.

It’s very sexy at the same time. It’s very elegant depends on how you use it ? You can look really elegant. You can look very classy at the same time. You can look very sensual any guesses. Okay, so this is a person favorite of mine as well. I’m here to introduce some lace in your 2017 wardrobe. So, this is a white lace top, which I love this is also top in which. I style Pooja hey gray for Goa Film Festival. It was a day event. So, i did a full white with a see-through inside bikini top.

If one doesn’t want to go so sexy. You can always do a skin color tube you can always do a skin color crop you can do an inner, which is kind of Fleiss nice and light it doesn’t have to be body hugging. It can be more covered than a bikini, but with white jeans the blue jeans with any kind of ripped jeans especially with duskier skintone. I think these kind of tops look very pretty so if you look at it it’s fully covered.

It’s a high neck full sleeve top at the same time. You see the skin from inside and I think it just creates a lot of magic and you know sexy feel to the whole look. So, if you want to do this in the evening or you want to do that in the day both works so least as I just said we’ll have see-through tops. We’ll have very interesting bottoms one of the bottoms. I’m going to show you is from a brand called j.crew and they have done beautiful interesting thin pants, which don’t make you look really bulky and they’re not like in bright colors.

So that it doesn’t really bulk up the bottom half and if you see there’s a very beautifully finished edge these will be fabbed wear casually or these will be phat fab to wear in the evening with a hot-looking top. So, this is a sexier piece which you should do probably in the evening. You want to show some of your assets.

You want to show sexy legs there is a high slit here and fitted skull inside. It’s like raw so, it hugs you very well and it kind of creates a little illusion what how we saw the white top doing that for us. So, if you’re not very confident that you know, you don’t want to wear something so short. You can always do a long skirt in lace and you can do a high slit from the front or not but these these kind of skirts work really well for the evening with a very simple or maybe with a very fitted top.

So, this will make like an illusion of an entire outfit. If you do this in the same color but a black skirt can go with any color. I see a lot of car keys happening in 2017. So since, we are in Windows. I’m going to start with winters you see these amazing trench coats. You know the military-style trench coats. They’re going to be very interesting for 2017 winter. We will see a lot of this.

This is all tweed and this color is going to be very big every designer has found its way of doing you know very utilitarian pieces for women and this is particularly a tweed jacket by Marks and Spencer find interesting buttons and I think I love kaki. I’ve always loved kaki you can also be wearing denim shorts your leggings boots and just put this trench coat on and your outfit just looks much cooler.

Okay so ,this is also a very interesting version of the tweed jacket study needs become shorter. It’s become cooler and this particularly is for all the girly dresses that. We wear and go on you know opteka Judy dress penny or here ,which you want to make a dress here for the evening or a girl up collector key. You know you’re wearing too simple and outfit for the evening.

You can put this jacket on kaki is going to be a really big color for 2017. This cut this tie this length the labels everything works perfectly just to kind of give that little high to your dress in the evenings. So, this is particularly. I feel is an evening sort of a jacket. It’s not too warm. It’s not too like. It’s not too light either you know ? You can layer it up nicely and make it work for the evening this is a lighter version of the kaki that. We just saw you know from the trench to the lighter jacket.

Now, this is the lightest jacket of all this is particularly. If I say this is for places like Bombay choppity Sardinia Thea. You know you just want a lightweight jacket probably in the evening. Yeah maybe up Airport area ,where you want to take off something or carry something in your hand yup. We’re crafty under 3:30 luckier. I think this is a beautiful jacket. It’s a wash jacket and if you ask me it.

This doesn’t even need much of finding for lazy people like me. So, I don’t really always iron it and wear it, but this is a very cool jacket which works with dresses, which works with jeans which works with shots .Which works with everything but yeah. You can’t use it for a colder place so a quick recap. What we spoke about ? What the cool shot dresses the bright yellows the really nice capes and trench coats the beautiful sensual laces and the car keys for more follow to book my style.

Exclusive – Politics & Fashion Collide at New York Fashion Week : Officallyariane

So, uh, New York Fashion Week just ended and it was a really good one. You know, designers previewed all the trends that will dominate the Spring while also giving women a sneak peek of all the horrific foot problems they’ll be having.

Exclusive – Politics & Fashion Collide at New York Fashion Week

Now, fashion has always reflected the times and this year was no different. It seemed like there were more political statements on the runways than Hadid’s and Jenna’s combined. So we sent Desi Lydic to cover the trend. It’s Fasion Week in NY and as a former big time model it was the perfect story for me.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experience in the fasion industry it’s that politics and fashion always find a way to colide. Whether it be naked super models for animal rights. George Michael for sober living. Bjiork in her swan dress for bird flu awareness. But this year promises to be more political than ever.

To hear what people were saying I went to NY fashion week which I was totally invited to. There’s a lot of political trends at I would say at least 60% of the shows. T-shirts that had “People are People. Anti-Trump messaged for sure. Once I finally got inside I could smell the politics in the room.

I’ve also been seeing the people wear the white bandanas the symbol of our unity and also I’ve been seeing a lot of people with hajibs. Like, a lot of muslims coming out -Oh, wow – and uh, and uh… Are you hurting? Are you ok? No I’m good. You sure? Yea, yea, yea, I was just stretching.

Some designers are definitely making a political statement. obviously about feminism. About the empowered woman and also that Just so you know, I mean, I have like, a ton of experience. I don’t know, have you ever heard of Little Miss St. Mathews Mall? A lot of people have heard of it.

I was like the face of the KB Toys catalog when I was like, 7. I’m here with the Vivian Tam. Fashion Goddess. -This is beautiful. I love this. Oh thank you! You hear that? Yes I do have model experience thats so embarrassing that you picked that up. I’m not even wearing any makeup.

I was lucky enough to get a firsthand look at her exclusive collection that she was practically begging me to model for. And then I got some insight into the power fashion can have on one state of mind. Miss Tam was right your outer appeareance can impact your inner being. If politics could influence fashion maybe fashion could influence politics.

Can Trumps presidency be made over from the outside in? As a fashion expert what would be your advice to president Trump? -Maybe to just tune out negative noise. -Tuning out some of the negative advice he might be getting from certain people. Right. Stop walking all over immigrants, women… Put his phone way and just sort of stop tweeting. And maybe a little tape here would also help. Maybe the fashionites are right. It starts from the outside in. I heard them loud and clear and they were saying it was up to me to save the world.

I needed to design a look for this thing to turn him into something that will actually help him be a better president The show was starting which meant i had exactly 14 minutes to set up a studio design, craft, and model a Desi Lydic original for Trump. And here it was. My masterpiece. No more walking all over people. No more Tweeting of calling international leaders to bully them. And most importantly no more talking. Just one problem. Fashion week was over. -Okay! Thats it crew we’re done! You guys got to go. I could still enjoy my moment. Let’s follow Ariane Andrew