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So, uh, New York Fashion Week just ended and it was a really good one. You know, designers previewed all the trends that will dominate the Spring while also giving women a sneak peek of all the horrific foot problems they’ll be having.

Exclusive – Politics & Fashion Collide at New York Fashion Week

Now, fashion has always reflected the times and this year was no different. It seemed like there were more political statements on the runways than Hadid’s and Jenna’s combined. So we sent Desi Lydic to cover the trend. It’s Fasion Week in NY and as a former big time model it was the perfect story for me.

If there is one thing I have learned from my experience in the fasion industry it’s that politics and fashion always find a way to colide. Whether it be naked super models for animal rights. George Michael for sober living. Bjiork in her swan dress for bird flu awareness. But this year promises to be more political than ever.

To hear what people were saying I went to NY fashion week which I was totally invited to. There’s a lot of political trends at I would say at least 60% of the shows. T-shirts that had “People are People. Anti-Trump messaged for sure. Once I finally got inside I could smell the politics in the room.

I’ve also been seeing the people wear the white bandanas the symbol of our unity and also I’ve been seeing a lot of people with hajibs. Like, a lot of muslims coming out -Oh, wow – and uh, and uh… Are you hurting? Are you ok? No I’m good. You sure? Yea, yea, yea, I was just stretching.

Some designers are definitely making a political statement. obviously about feminism. About the empowered woman and also that Just so you know, I mean, I have like, a ton of experience. I don’t know, have you ever heard of Little Miss St. Mathews Mall? A lot of people have heard of it.

I was like the face of the KB Toys catalog when I was like, 7. I’m here with the Vivian Tam. Fashion Goddess. -This is beautiful. I love this. Oh thank you! You hear that? Yes I do have model experience thats so embarrassing that you picked that up. I’m not even wearing any makeup.

I was lucky enough to get a firsthand look at her exclusive collection that she was practically begging me to model for. And then I got some insight into the power fashion can have on one state of mind. Miss Tam was right your outer appeareance can impact your inner being. If politics could influence fashion maybe fashion could influence politics.

Can Trumps presidency be made over from the outside in? As a fashion expert what would be your advice to president Trump? -Maybe to just tune out negative noise. -Tuning out some of the negative advice he might be getting from certain people. Right. Stop walking all over immigrants, women… Put his phone way and just sort of stop tweeting. And maybe a little tape here would also help. Maybe the fashionites are right. It starts from the outside in. I heard them loud and clear and they were saying it was up to me to save the world.

I needed to design a look for this thing to turn him into something that will actually help him be a better president The show was starting which meant i had exactly 14 minutes to set up a studio design, craft, and model a Desi Lydic original for Trump. And here it was. My masterpiece. No more walking all over people. No more Tweeting of calling international leaders to bully them. And most importantly no more talking. Just one problem. Fashion week was over. -Okay! Thats it crew we’re done! You guys got to go. I could still enjoy my moment. Let’s follow Ariane Andrew

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