How to find the best brush for Husky?

Husky is a great animal and a lovely friend to have in your life. They got adorable qualities and generally a low maintenance pet which makes them adaptable to different environments. However, besides these admirable characteristics, there are several issues that you need to take care of when it comes to raising a Husky. One of them would be its shedding tendency that can easily litter the entire house with dog hair. But if you can get the best brush for Husky and frequently brush your dog, the hair problem can be minimized.

Shedding happens to every breed of dog and husky is not an exception here. If you just recently adopt a Husky, you probably feel surprised about the large amount of hair trailing behind your dog. Well, nothing good will comes if you just stand there and keep asking yourself how come your Husky can shed that much hair. It’s time to stand up and find an effective and long-lasting solution. And if that is what you need, this article will be useful to you. You shall learn how to pick the best brush around for your Husky right here right now.

For most of the time, you are going to need more than one brushing tool to properly brush your Husky. It’s vital that you pick the right ones and combine them together efficiently. A wrong choice can potentially damage the husky dog hair and skin which will make everything even more complicated than before. In the case that you have no idea where to start, right below are some hints that you can use to pick a good brushing set.  Take a look at them and compare to what your own situation before deciding on what you need?

Tips and tricks on picking a proper brush set


  • The best tool for the undercoat: The undercoat rake


As you may already know, the husky got several layers of hair that require a specialized to reach and brush. This is where the undercoat rake comes in with its ability to reach deep into the hair layers. It’s is a bit sharp though so make sure that you use it gently and slowly so as not to hurt your dog. Brushing your husky with the undercoat rake will remove both the hair and the dead skin so you can achieve a lot with this tool alone. It’s rather cheap so you can afford it which is a rather great investment considering its benefit it offers to you.

Matting and tangling hair are the common issues of the Husky hair which if let unsolved can be potentially harmful to your dog. A practical undercoat rake must be able to deal with these problems with its blades. If you are unsure that your Husky can handle the regular version, go with a soft-edged undercoat rake. This type of rake is more comfortable to use and you can gauge your dog reaction to brushing easier. But if you are already experienced at brushing, you can step up the rake blade hardness a little bit for increased effectiveness.


  • Something for the overcoat: Grooming Glove


Use in conjunction with the undercoat rake, the grooming glove is a quick and comfortable way to deal with the Husky overcoat. The nuts and pins inside the glove palm will take care of the shedding hair and give your dog a massage as well. It’s a good alternative if your Husky responds negatively to the usual overcoat brush. This is because the glove makes them feel that they are being petted by you. Therefore, brushing with the grooming glove will be a fast and uneventful process.  You can even use the glove to give your Husky a bath too.


  • The brush to use for awkward places and a nice finish: Slicker brush


Certain spots on the Husky make it hard to brush them completely and one of them is the tail.  A good slicker brush can deal with the tail relatively easy and make a nice finish. It’s also gentle enough to be used comfortably on dogs with sensitive skin. You will see that brushing your Husky with a slicker brush will result in a lovely hair arrangement for the dog. This type of brush is fairly common on the market so you will have a wide range of product to choose from. Remember to hold them in your hand first to see if you have a tight grip on the handle.


  • A contingency plan: Comb


After running the Husky hair with the undercoat rake, grooming glove and the slicker brush, chances are you may have missed something. That is why having a comb to re-brush the Husky hair section by section is an excellent idea. While it may take more time, brushing with a comb ensure that any remaining mats, debris or hairs will be removed. Consider the comb as a necessary precaution that you should get for a perfect brushing session. The recommended comb material is stainless steel but as long as the comb teeth are effective, anything will do.


  • De-shedding tool? Not really


Shedding is said to reduce up to 90% with a de-shedding tool. But if you are not experienced, the tool may bring undesirable results. You won’t brush out the hair with a de-shedding, you cut them off. It will surely remove a lot of hair but the Husky coat then looks rather dull and choppy. The Husky hair when regrowth will become stiffer and drier compared to the original soft coat. The skin of your dog can sometimes get irritated by such a tool too.


And that is pretty much all you should know how to pick the best brush for Husky. Not too hard to take in, right? In warm temperatures, Husky will shed non stop and that may engulf the house with dog hair. But if you just keep brushing the dog with suitable brushing tools, you can substantially reduce the amount of shedding hair. Just you follow the tips and tricks above then you can own the best brushing set for your Husky.


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