Orthotics and Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis : How to Choose Them !

Hello Everybody ! So today, I’m going to be going over how to choose one of these orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

Why use orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

So the first thing that I’m going to tell you is how it actually works and why we’re using it ? So we have the arch support in everywhere thought a car in Seoul and what this does is ? There’s a couple bones inside your foot that. If you lift them up ever so slightly. It causes the bones in the foot to be more stable and also used less forced to keep the integrity of the arch and to keep everything together.

So once you make all the bones and joints more stable from supporting just a couple of the bones. The player fossa doesn’t have nearly as much attention so that means the less stress. So that means less pain that doesn’t mean that orthotics and insoles are adhere although. Because they’re really great when your plan Fox is extremely weak especially from degeneration.

But it doesn’t mean that you should depend on an orthotic or insole to fix your pain. I’m usually orthotics and soles will make your feet a lot more weaker. Because your feet don’t have to work nearly as hard to support the arch and so what we want to do is ? That we want to support the arch for a little while temporarily so that your foot can. So that you can fix a little perpetuating factors of your plantar fasciitis then slowly over time after your pain has disappeared.

You want to go to a less and less supportive orthotic or insole and also shoe. You don’t want to wear supportive shoes for the rest of your life you want to slowly have less and less supportive shoes um an orthotic is usually a heel cup kind of thing or this is called a 3/4 orthotic or insole and some of them are full-length some are even smaller than this and they cut off like half right here.

But all of them have in common is just the arch support our support is the number one thing that makes all these things work some of the arch supports are more in the back or posterior and some are more for the whole arch of the foot. You do not want to have too much arch support when you have plantar fasciitis. Because it can cause other issues too so make sure that you try many many insolence orthotics find what works for you.

Because everybody’s foot is very different over time our bones the the collagen matrix inside the bones and the ligaments to joint capsule to everything. You know adapts to your lifestyle and over years and years your foot bones. You know find themselves where they need to be um today I also want to talk about though with orthotics is that ? It’s very important that with an orthotic you have a shoe with a good wide toe box the reason why I’m saying this is ?

Because there’s not just one arch in the foot there’s the medial arch which is the inside arch. That’s a big arch that you see like on the inside of your foot and then there’s the lateral arch. The lateral arch isn’t that big of a deal and it doesn’t mean nearly as much support. Because usually the smaller than you make things the more stronger. They get so the tram the lateral arch isn’t bad on needing to be supportive.

But there’s one arches very crucial and then to know about that people don’t really talk about and that’s the transverse arch. That’s the arch that goes across the foot bones and right. Here’s a good depiction of it so we have the foot and it’s team from the front and you’ve got the big toe and then the little tiny toes and so it makes an arch like this and so every time. You step every time you step now that little arch spreads out every single time.

How to choose orthotics or insoles for plantar fasciitis ?

So if you wear a shoe that has a small toe box right your foot is gonna hold together like this and then it’s gonna take that pounding force and it’s gonna hurt all the bones to join capsules everything else and we don’t really want that. We want the toes to expand every time. You step we wanted to go we wanted to splay out every time that you take a step that’s very important.

It’s not um even if you have plantar fasciitis. It’s not just about strengthening the areas and so on and so forth. It’s about getting a good nutrient and waste exchange and every time your toes splay out the muscles on the sides of the foot on the bottom all start working like crazy to you know support the foot how it should be and  that’s more efficient and also every time.

It’s plays out you get nutrient um in and then waste out and that’s really crucial. Because the foots so far away from the heart and so a really big thing that we have with with the flip is not having enough nutrients and waste exchange in an L. If you have any swelling of the foot for instance any kind of venous insufficiency problems . That’s gonna really hinder your healing down there.

That’s why the plantar fasciitis usually you’ll see other disorders going along with it whether. It being neurovascular or lots of pain syndromes lots of bone issues lots of other stuff and so we want to get. You know nutrients in waste out so back to choosing their overthought occur in Seoul. I always get off track.

But  there’s another thing to keep in mind so what I’ve said so far is make sure you have a white toolbox ? So that the transverse arch can you know move freely and then the medial arch. We want you know ? You don’t want too big too small you want round and did a bunch of different orthotics and see which arch support works for you on each orthotic or insole some people like an arch in the back.

Some people like it in the front and some people like a long progressive ones some people like a smaller one. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of them have a cup in the back ?  What this does is it keeps the fat pad squeezed together and that is alright in some ways ? Because it lessens the impact on the plantar fascial the player posture doesn’t actually feel too much pain.

What happens is drying tissues start giving off chemicals and those chemicals sensitize the nerve cells around the plantar fascia ? So in the surrounding tissues around the plant fossa and so when you touch your foot on the floor it hurts really bad. But it’s not so much the planache. That’s causing that pain. It’s the surrounding tissues and the sensitive nerve fibers and also the mechanical receptors.

Those are the things that tell you how far something is stretching. They all tell you ouch that hurts so the reason a heel cup makes you feel less pain. Because it puts two pushes that fat pad together and it makes. It so there’s more cushioning right underneath the plan Fox aware the surrounding tissues are they cause you to feel pain ? So what we the thing about that is though is it doesn’t so much cause your bones or joints to be in more stable positions all.

It does really is reduce the pain and that’s really gonna fix. You know you’re perpetuating problems factors that cause your client basha. Clara fish is also having a very rigid orthotic very very important if your shoes are very rigid in the back then you can have a slightly soft orthotic also your shoes and your orthotic have to bend at the toast your toes have to be moving.

We have to splay out wide you have to be able to move like this your big toe has to be able to move. If it doesn’t then a lot of the muscles around there become dysfunctional and also promote issues of nerve entrapment which can also cause issues. Because wherever the nerve goes you know ? You have artery and vein.

So you’ll usually have venous insufficiency in some areas or a more stagnation perpetuating trigger points perpetuated basha locations so much more stuff to go on with that. But yeah and also just because of $600 or because it’s really cheap does not mean. It’s better or worse. 

If you don’t know to choose the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, you can watch the video below :

You have to try on all the ones you can and if you’re really strapped for money trial and all the ones you can and then buy the one that is the the cheapest that works for you and so on so forth and buy it online afterwards. So try it in the store it and then buy it online. That’s what’s trying to get it I hope this articles clears up any confusion you guys have with choosing our thoughts. Because it can be very tough to choose them and  thank you so much. Don’t forget to check out my blog. Alright take care guys see.

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