Andrew Review: DECONSTRUCTING Thorogood 804-4210

Hello, everybody! It’s Andrew and today in the boot camp. We’re gonna be doing another deconstruction post this time. We’re gonna be cutting up Hart a pair of throw goats 804 42 tens which is the wedge sole waterproof with the Kanto boot mainly. What I want to do is? I want to show you a waterproof liner and a comp to what all that stuff looks like. I always talk about it. I always tell you how important these two items are when they’re built into a boot. So  I got a test subject. I want to cut it apart show it to you so let’s begin.

Check quality Thorogood 804-4210

All right so inside this boot is a pair of Thorogood wedge soles NATO 442 tens. Now I just want to thank my book in Israel for donating his old boots to this cause of deconstruction on the boot guy. He replaced his boots gave me a call said: “hey you want the old one so they cut them apart how could”.  I say no Israel thanks to a lot buddy so we have some basic simple tools nothing crazy going on here.

I’m just cutting these things apart Leatherman – Exacto knives one’s got a broken tip and is a little dull one is a brand new blade sometimes. I find a little dull exacto knife does a really good job when cutting certain materials and a pair of tailoring shears a nice old pair of shears really sharp. I got my camera along the way so I can take some detailed photos of what’s going on when I’m there.

Because sometimes the post doesn’t transmit everything. That I’m seeing in this environment. So let’s cut them up. We’re going to start with the right boot and make this real simple and cut right into here. It’s working Nancy kind of where a nice dull wait does a little bit better sometimes. I know people say dull blades are not a good thing but in certain situations having a blade.

That’s a little bit duller than normal works well there we go so first cut completely exposes the comp toe and its plastic. It’s fiberglass. Let’s take a photo of that for you and you can see just what we’re looking at. All right, let’s keep moving Leatherman in peel that back. Now the mist the misnomer about comp is the steel toe is that steel toes get really cold in the wintertime and that’s everybody’s complaint and my science behind.

That I mean what the science tells us about steel the comp is that a hard material is going to not play nice with cold weather ever. So if you’ve got steel or if you’ve got a comp. You’ve got something hard in there if your boots don’t fit right. It is going to be completely cold. I mean if you’re too close to your account with steel toe and it’s freezing cold outside. You know below 10 degrees.

You’re gonna get cold no matter what all right so I would really like to be able to cut this off and show you just how the liner goes in and already Drew’s dick. He’ll actually, he cracked the heel quarter. So I’m not cutting through the dough quarter he. He’s cracked that joker wondering what Israel does why his boots at five months old look like this. He’s on a deep tunneling project here in the city where he’s cut with deep underground holes underneath.

The whole city in order for water movement. I believe getting water to go from one place to the next so flooding doesn’t happen certain parts of the city. They’re so old that things still flood. So let’s get this alright so there we go. That’s the waterproof liner. Let’s get a photo of that put a heel counter for you right there that shows off what’s going on back there really nicely.

What are the benefits of the Thorogood 804-4210?

So lets I’ll show you just behold booty. So let’s take out its honey cut away this whole section up here through here these scissors be cut through this leather hope you can? If we’re good cutting through boy weights reduce your pieces of leather come together. This is pretty damn tough stuff. Now I realize cutting through this leather pretty easily. But has nothing to do with me with a quality of the leather just has to do with the condition of the boots.

I mean these boots are pretty well worn it isn’t like. They’re brand new or anything makes you really wore the crap out of these boots. So that frees up that and you cut away the tongue Superliner completely and sections. Now I can cut it away. They’ve removed all right so there’s upper and there’s the waterproof bag in the sympathetic liner so just like. I always talk about, now there’s this it’s a waterproof bag built into the boot where it is so it’s that full sock baggie that keeps you dry this whole thing.

It’s like an extra piece .I’m putting on a platinum a plastic bag inside your boot just for layman’s terms for just trying to describe this on how it works. But it’s much more advanced than that I mean it’s waterproof. It’s a high-tech material that allows moisture to leave from one direction but doesn’t allow to come back and in the other direction. It’s a beautiful thing and there’s the upper and like I said he cracked the crap out of the heel counter.

So let’s take a take a photo of the heel counter so you can see. I like to crack the crap out of that let’s get some light in there. He did a really good job on the food together he kind of me. I mean the guy did a really nice job. Let’s get this cocktail out of there this is the next thing. So there’s a fiberglass Tom toe and as you can see so a weight issue people always talk about which canto is so much lighter than steel tow.

They’re the same way I mean there’s no way with your physical hands. I mean this canto actually probably weighed more than my Leatherman. I mean these two objects you know this is a lot of metal and this is a lot of fiberglasses the nice and thick fiberglass is and the good thing. I can say is by looking at this I can tell that he never fractured it. He never dropped anything really heavy on his foot.

Let’s go a little bit deeper into the boot. Let’s see what we can see inside this boot look at that bag look at the way. That’s just torn it apart you see the cork inside there. There’s the shank, let’s take another photo on that sole. So you can see the cork and everything inside their look at that. That’s all the cork that they put in there to add to the comfort and adds the sizing and taters to shank fiberglass and shank as it should be comp toes should be a fiberglass shank.

How much deeper do we want to go? I don’t think I can cut soul apart but it is cracking apart pretty good dad. You can tell if you wore that sold out really really right that thing chipped apart in the front there enough. There’s not the month to the welt five months aware. I’m a pair of boots, so that’s pretty much it. That’s the deconstruction 804 42:10 and it is the most comfortable boots for men. That’s a waterproof baggy, the waterproof liner.

That’s the leather upper beautiful construction. That’s where it’s always beautiful construction whenever you can get inside one of the uppers and just look at the way to put it together the overlaps of material to stitch. How they actually got a lot of material? That’s overlap, so there’s no chance of this happening of it splitting apart really and a hardware is still attached and here’s something.

If you want more information about Thorogood 804-4210, you can wath the video below to reference :

I gotta take off should I show this to you. He so is real ties his boots so tight that he actually wore away the hardware in spots take a look at that pretty amazing. Thanks a lot for reading and please don’t forget to hit share below. Because it really helps out and if you’re interested in seeing more of these deconstruction post please comment below. Let me know that you liked it and if you got some suggestions on types of boots.

You want to see me tear apart what put it down there let’s see what happens and see if I can score a pair of those boots nice and worn and new so they’re easier to cut apart don’t really want to cut apart new boots? Because new boots could really make a guy some money and boots are there too they’re tools. They’re gonna make you money alright until next time. I’m the boot guy – Andrew thanks a lot for reading.

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