My Tough Mudder Experience And Tips For Beginner !

Hey everyone ! what’s up my name is Andrew and welcome to my blog. Today, I’m gonna be telling you about my experience doing Tough Mudder. So, if you don’t know what Tom Potter is it’s basically a obstacle course slash race ?

My Tough Mudder Experience

That was developed by British special forces in order to test your mental grit and teamwork kind of that’s pretty much this. The whole idea of it and I decided to try it and I am going to give you a review and like how it was for me and if you can do it and all that kind of stuff. So, I’m just gonna get started. So, I signed up for it I think in April and it happened June 18th at in Whistler on a Saturday. I have some race kind of training.

I’ve done ten K’s and 5k runs before, but I haven’t done anything other than that. So, it was definitely a step up for me and what I’ve accomplished so far so definitely. I had to train for it and I recommend that you train for it  basically. What I did was I went for runs about three to five times a week ?

I didn’t have a like a set amount of kilometers or miles that I needed to do each time I just did it until my body felt like like quitting so in order to improve my stamina. So that’s what I did for training for that ? I also did upper body weight lifting so just with dumbbells at home. Because we have dumbbells at home and I used a couple of internets to show me certain kind of exercises.

That would target each area the ones. That I enjoyed doing and I did that every other day or sometimes. I even did the mat for my runs. So, I definitely train train for it. I’d say well. I’d continuously been running in the first place. So, I have been running for a long time, but when it came to the upper body stuff. I did it about. I’d seemed like a month before the actual date and I feel like.

I didn’t need any more upper body strength. I mean it would definitely be beneficial, but it wasn’t like couldn’t do something. So, if you’re thinking. Oh, I won’t be able to do it. Because of upper-body strength to give you kind of a perspective on it. I can do about ten like man push-ups like sets and I can do about four sets of ten so maybe like 40 push-ups with breaks if that makes sense, so if you can do something like that.

Because you are lifting your own body weight in this whole thing. So, it doesn’t really matter how much weight ? I’m lifting. It’s just if you can lift your own body weight and do about. I’d say 40 push-ups you should be fine. So, you don’t worry don’t worry too much about that what really ? I feel like is the biggest kicker is definitely cardio especially. If you plan on running the entire time, which I find would definitely probably be impossible.

I don’t think that you’d be able to run the entire time. Because during Tough Mudder I had times where I’d be going like vertically like up a hill that was like this so or like I’d be in mud. That’s like up to my waist and if you I don’t know how you could run in that. So,that’s kind of what I mean by you won’t be able to run the entire time ? So don’t think that your time to complete the race will be the same amount as if you just ran a 20k.

Tough Mudder Tips For Beginner

Because that is not the case you have to wait for obstacles and that is I’d say the worst part about Tough Mudder is waiting for the obstacles. Because I think it was our fourth obstacle that we did the Arctic enema and that was like basically sliding into full-body amount of water that had ice cubes in it so like not frozen solid water. But, I am like an ice bath and going under two things and then coming out.

So you are completely soaked for the rest of the time. There’s a bunch of other obstacles with water as well so just, when you’re about to dry off and get warm. You’re gonna get cold and wet again like. I was like kind of worried. What should I wear to stay warm ? Because I live in Canada and our summer has not yeah at all so I was looking up like the Under Armour or something like that compression tops.

It doesn’t really matter ? I my advice if you’re worried about that is don’t worry about it ? Because no matter what you do you’re gonna be cold like just get over the fact of trying to prevent being cold. Because you will be so cold the entire time nobody can say that they were warm doing the Tough Mudder that I did it was impossible it was raining. I think it was like maybe 10 degrees maximum and you’re wet and frozen the entire time so don’t worry about like clothing.

I mean if you do, I wouldn’t recommend wearing cotton. Because he would get like stretched out and like heavy and that would kind of suck, but even then like I saw a bunch of people with cotton stuff and they were fine the officers themselves. I enjoyed very much ! I loved the teamwork aspect of it and just know that there’s a lot of walls to get over. So, people are there in a boost you so as long as you can just pull yourself in flip over.

You should be fine ? I did have a lot of bruises then at like afterwards. I didn’t fall and a lot of people did fall ? Because it is mud right. So, you’re they’re slipping and sliding on what would like ? There’s no. It’s slippery so a bunch of people fell, I saw I witnessed. I think both of my friends fell and I don’t know why I didn’t fall ? I don’t know ,but I still had bruises all over my body and mosquito bites that came later. I had one in my hair here the turning of a goose, but like goose egg.

I have one here. I’m not sure we can see it. But, yeah I think the hardest part of the entire thing was definitely the cardio and the length 20 K is especially. When parts of it are through mod and like I said hills like this Steve like. You’re a mountain goat pretty much uh definitely tires you at the most. I did have super a lot of muscle aches the next day and the day after. But nothing too bad like something.

You would expect for that amount of output. So, if you’re a girl or just worried about doing Tough Mudder and don’t forget to choose the best shoes for tough mudder – before the race. I recommend just doing it like. It’s not timed. It’s camaraderie and it’s fun. Would I do it again ? Maybe, I didn’t appreciate beating that cold. I’m kind of a when it comes to being cold for four hours like ? I don’t know drenched and cold and what I did again probably not ?

I have other things in mind that. I would like to do like half marathons and marathons and stuff like that. So I think that will definitely be my focus in the future. But, I did want to show you my proof that. I did Tough Mudder and that is my headband. They crown you with at the end of the race and that was awesome. I did do the electric. What was it called electroshock therapy. I did do it.

I didn’t get electrocuted unfortunately. He’s like but my friends did and they said that it didn’t really hurt ?  They said it kind of felt like if you’ve ever seen like those infomercials about dr. Ho’s like muscle spasm things. That are supposed to make you fit they kind of look. It’s very similar to that so don’t be too scared about it on the waiver it says like. You could get like organ failure permanent aggression and depression and anxiety from these shocks and no no no don’t worry about ?

It it’s fine the reason why I didn’t get electrocuted ? Is I’m so small that the I’m 5 foot 3 on a good day ? So the wires were pretty much like hanging like this and they’re kind of like the thicknesses of these strand light things and they just kind of fall like this .So, I was just pretty much just able to just go in between them all and not really have to deal with touching them so and I took my time.

I knew and I wasn’t rushed about it. So yeah, I take your time and then you can kind of like weave. In unless you’re a big guy and then just go for it . Because I tell a lot of guys doing that to you. They’re just jumping through afterwards. We got lots of free swag. We got shirts deodorant like food beer the best part and we donated our shoes. Because they were super money you can do that.

If you don’t know the tips for tough mudder – before the race then you can watch the video below for reference :

So, I think that’s pretty cool so yeah if you’re definitely interested in doing Tough Mudder then I’d say just do it. I was part of one of my bucket list things to do and I’m very out of myself for being able to do it. It’s definitely no small feat don’t let me, don’t let me paint that picture that. It’s no small feat do train do try and let me know if you’ve ever done it and what you think about Tough Mudder ? I think that’s it don’t forget to like articles and share.

Yatta Yatta all those thingies that you say at the end and I’ll see you in the next ariticles bye bye, good morning. We’re just starting our trip now or just about to leave and it’s kind of going our six-hour Drive are going to Portland. Please follow Andrew !

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