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Chafing, chafing, all around Sunset Boulevard.  This week we are facing our fashion fears. Fashion fears. To me a fashion fear is everything that I don’t want to wear. That insecurity that I’ve kept repressed for years and years and now focusing on that and doing only that.  The thing you don’t do on your body.

Fashion Fear of Women

My fashion fear is my boobs, just everything surrounding them.The bodycon dress. Pants. Low rise jeans. Overalls, big, big overalls. It’ll be interesting confronting our insecurities head on. Wait, I’m like sweating now. Is this actually happening? I’m moist. I’m Tiffany Reese of lookieboo.com. I’m a big believer in facing our fashion fears because I don’t think we should let clothing have so much power over us.

Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m Tiffany. It’s so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I need your help.  I am afraid of bodycon dresses. It’s more the being exposed that freaks me out. I just prefer a flowy dress just in case I want to eat a big lunch. One time I wore a bodycon dress to work and Freddie was just the whole day like “Hey!” And I was like, “This is why I don’t do it.”

Even though they’re all tight fitting, they’re tight fitting in different ways so I’m hoping you’ll find one that’s like the winner, the go to. So, I am afraid to show my boobs in any sort of way. I think I don’t show them or display them because they are large for my body and I don’t like getting that attention.  As a kid, I pissed myself constantly. You have 10 to 15 seconds to get everything off and sit your ass down or else pee is dripping down your leg and if you’re wearing overalls, you can’t get them off in time.

Do you piss your pants a lot?  Well, I have had three kids so the pissing thing. They zip all the way down, then you just Oh.  So if you really have to pee yourself, these are the overalls for you. My fashion fear is pants. I don’t like pants because I have something called PCOS and what that basically means is the majority of my fat congregates around my stomach and so whenever I wear pants it’s just like, “Ugh, there’s that thing I can’t get rid of.”

I have a good variety of stuff to try.  Wooh!  And I’m hoping that you will only hate them 50%.  I go for pants that cover the belly button. Anything below that makes me stressed. I never thought about it but I think I hate belly buttons.  I’m gonna have you start with the long tee shirt but the shirts are gonna maybe get a little tighter and shorter as the week goes. So we’re gonna push it.

Let’s start with this one. Let’s start with this girl.  What’s her name?  Sexy secretary.  So, they just are the Marshas, like their name is Marsha. Here we go. We’re all about to experience the Marshas in all their glory. I can’t wait. So these are full length overalls. So they are similar to coveralls but they don’t cover it all. My belly button is indeed exposed.  I’m trying to not use my hair as a crutch.

We’re out here. They’re a little warm, which is what I was concerned about but that is the nature of pants and I need to accept that. Step one is accepting pants for who they are. Step two, I think, is to wear them. Step three, I think, is to throw them in the garbage. So we’re gonna skip step three and just enjoy them and have a great time. This is the worst possible week for me to be on my period and guess what week it is?

To be honest, I’m trying to not think about it because they’re just so here.  I think these are more of like maybe a jeggings material so it’s not really cutting. Tiffany gave me tot option to maybe tie the shirt up to make it a little more va va voom and I decided against it.  I feel a little bit like a sausage. If I go to Chipotle at any point during this week, it’s just gonna be food baby central.

I’m expecting a burrito in t minus three weeks. More like t minus 24 hours but  I feel uncomfortable about the fact that the neck lines might get lower but that’s what we’re here to do. That’s my own insecurity and I have to deal with it. I have to face it. I have to face my fashion fear. That’s alliteration for you.

So day one wearing my low rise jeans. I just keep pulling up my pants even though they’re not even falling down but I just keep pulling them up. I want them to be above my belly button.  Having to go to the bathroom with these overalls has been tough because it adds an extra 45 seconds to my bathrooms which is sort of why I was so scared of them in the first place.  I do not know how you guys wear pants all the time. I do feel flattered in this outfit but I don’t feel, what’s the word, comfortable.

So I’ve only been wearing this shirt for two and a half hours and it happened. Someone exited the bathroom, our eyes met, but before our eyes met their eyes met the Marshas.  I think I look a lot fancier than usual because I’ve had a lot of people open doors for me. I think that the lip and the sunglasses are like helping me along with this kind of character. Twisted Joan from Mad Men.

It’s day two of pants. Got these cords. I mean, they’re comfortable. Honestly the one thing I like about them is I feel like I can do cartwheels.  So this is the lowest and most revealing outfit that I have. How do you feel about my jeans?  I officially made it through the day wearing this dress and not covering them up but I was definitely uncomfortable the whole time. It’s just not me.

I’m at a work event. I’m wearing overalls. I’ve gotten so many compliments or comments on overalls. It’s like a big surprise. I kind of like them when I’m outside. To have them outdoors makes me kind of feel like a happy farmer. It’s a very boss ass bitch outfit. I love this outfit. You know, my fashion fear is showing any boobs or just like accentuating them. Oh, exciting!  So here they are.

I’m just taken by the dress and the overall effect that it had. It’s just like boobs are part of the ensemble. What do you think of my outfit? I love it. You didn’t notice anything different? That I’m wearing a really tight dress?  It’s got a little bit of red on it. Oh, I mean, I don’t know. I think it looks great.  You haven’t been staring at my butt?  

Well, I always do that.  As the days go on, I’m starting to hate low rise jeans a little bit less. I’ve realized why I like high waisted jeans. High waist jeans make me feel like I have a popping booty. Low rise jeans deccentuate the booty. Is that a word?  Alright Jen, how do you have to do in the bathroom? You have to flip it up and it hurts you. Stuff fits, feeling like I could dance. I can’t dance but if I could dance, this would be great.

This is one of my favorite dresses of the week. I like this dress. I like the way it’s styled a lot. I like pretty much everything about it.  It’s stylish. Except for the fact that we did eat a lot of curly fries just now.  A lot of curly fries. Kind of trying to suck in and get rid of any curly fry food baby action. So the day is here where I have to wear a crop top. I’m very upset, barely want to get out of the car.

I’m cold.  I’m getting kind of used to these pants. So many people have been giving me compliments that I feel like maybe I’m just over thinking this a little bit and that pants aren’t that bad.  This is the legally brunette dress for real. I did too much. I did too much.  No you didn’t.  It’s a lot.  The shirt is fine. I’m just done. I’m just ready for it to kind of be over. What has happened Jen?

I thought there was an extra step. You just tripped on your overalls and just almost got pierced by this wall.  Yeah, I did fall. So this week we faced our fashion fears and it’s been terrible. Educational. Better than expected.  Um. I definitely feel like I actually look better in pants than I thought I did. Today, I got lots of compliments and at first I was like, “Really on this outfit?”

And I looked in the mirror and I was like Okay, yeah i could see a world where someone else was wearing this. I’d compliment them too.  I guess I’m just not seven anymore and I don’t piss myself as often as I used to. I also never really thought overalls could be cute before this but they can be so cute. Look at how cute this shit is.  I felt weird because I was like, “Is it bad that I’m an empowered women but I still don’t feel comfortable showing these natural parts of my body?”

I want the attention to be up here in just what I’m saying and what I’m doing rather than on a body part.  I did not have a great experience this week but I don’t think belly buttons are as bad as I thought they were at the beginning of the week. Let me see your belly button, Freddie. No, never.  I thought that maybe by the end of the week, I would feel more comfortable but I just don’t.

I think I might start wearing overalls though because I kind of felt like, “Hey, this item of clothing, not that bad.”  I think that after this week, I am more likely to wear a bodycon dress. This was a little bit of rejection therapy where it’s like people are staring at your butt, people are staring at your butt. But then after awhile you’re just like listen, it’s my butt. It’s there. What are we gonna do about it? Pretty much nothing because I go to yoga twice a week and that’s about as much as I can manage.

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